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Apr 2018 · 275
..all at once
Spiros Zafiris Apr 2018
O atoms,
honor the rules branded on you—
even twirl together
during a far-off ****,
make my shoelaces sparkle
..2018..©2018 Spiros Zafiris
Apr 2017 · 480
The Lonely Star
Spiros Zafiris Apr 2017
he was lonely
and some relative recommended
he start acting
so he starred in a play
nothing big
mind you
no Broadway production
something within the community
and he came across beautifully
this lonely star
..(C) 1981/2011/2017 Spiros Zafiris
..from Midnight Magic {1981}
Mar 2017 · 517
The Moments
Spiros Zafiris Mar 2017
when she fell,
not moon, nor wind responded
'an abysmal fall, indeed, '
was the carnal cry in the woods
'he who shelters such a wand
will surely be understood'

and the words fell like lightning,
one sunless morning of half-regret—
which quickly turned into a noon of wonder
..circa 2003..©2003/2017 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
Sep 2016 · 681
Spiros Zafiris Sep 2016
soon enough I discovered
her neighbor calls him Caspar or Caspor
but it wasn't long
before I named him Auguste

he has claimed my love's apartment—
even hypnotized her to have ready
water and treats on one corner

but what impressed us most,
the first time he laid eyes on me,
he started rolling over and over me
on the loveseat

thus, he has seduced us entirely
every time he prances down the hall,
when the back door has been left slightly ajar,
our eyes light up—each hoping to be the one
he'll first approach for petting
©2016 Spiros Zafiris..channeled, spirit Harmony;
reaching into the poet's mind
Jul 2016 · 446
Spiros Zafiris Jul 2016
then, a sombre
melancholy—one last leaf to fall;
to bypass
the mist of forgetfulness
and stand a mirror of regret
©2010/2016 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled, spirit Ram; reaching
into the poet's mind..1st in
Sketchbook 5-5, SepOct_2010
Oct 2013 · 659
..his heart's love
Spiros Zafiris Oct 2013
his guiding spirits have spoken:
she is the heart's love
distance, time apart--
or whatever factor--
coffee-sipping lips dismiss
with satisfied, sudden smiles;
the precursors of most agreeable nods

and, even, at times,
a familiar conclusion:
"is it not so! if she is
my heart's love, doesn't
the rest of me--all
of me--love her just as much?",
crowns this lonely man's
pronouncement answer, from his guiding spirits,
to the same oft-beseeched question
..Sat. Sept. 4, 2013..(C)2013 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony; reaching
into the poet's heart
Oct 2013 · 1.6k
Her House
Spiros Zafiris Oct 2013
bricks may solidify a house,
fine carpentry may add a finish,
and a serious household will love its foundation

take her heart anew
she has only a memory for a man
her house is empty without you
..circa 1986..(C)2013 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
May 2013 · 890
Raised Arms
Spiros Zafiris May 2013
he knew
this was the anniversary
of his mother's passing
yet, he would verify;

fully aware,
a clear mind, its crystal memory,
would mourn this frailty of his

not to mention, morning birds
and the tree blooming intermittently,
out the balcony door, each day--

these friendships now at risk,
if he looks up when
the most important lady
left him alone to lament and praise
her final acceptance--
there, where her raised arms
kept reaching for, towards the end
..channeled; spirit Harmony; reaching
into the poet's mind..(C)2013 Spiros Zafiris
Feb 2013 · 852
..small talk
Spiros Zafiris Feb 2013
we shook hands
tell-all flashes flared up
this man's shame

I had vowed to curb this curse--
to stop spying on anyone's history;
to not stall long enough,
with streetwise small talk,
until I absorbed every gory secret

fair play denied,
my lips dished out a long enough topic
and by the time we parted,
I knew all
..Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013..(C)2013 Spiros Zafiris
Jan 2013 · 659
Spiros Zafiris Jan 2013
Helga, dear Helga,
perhaps, one day, you'll read this poem
it is my apology for waving you
and your friend away
that day, soon after I awoke
from the eighteen-day coma
I was ashamed, dear Helga,
for having lost my voice

and three years later,
when we were sixteen, at night school,
when you briefly stood next to me,
though my voice had more than somewhat returned
I was shy and in shock
I hadn't learned, yet,
how to take a lady in my arms...

all these years later, dear Helga,
please understand, I think of you
I'm grateful for your visit that day
and see, right here, this poem proves it
..Sunday, Jan. 27, 2012..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony; reaching
into the poet's mind
Jan 2013 · 1.1k
..always quickly fade
Spiros Zafiris Jan 2013
when the demonic wildcats
go on a feeding frenzy
at the very center of my being
while I sleep, and, yet, have
been kindled fully aware,
I wait for the attack to intensify
because, at the very crescendo
of their out of control gnawing,
it is then that the voice of my guiding spirit
comes to the rescue: There is only one God,
is repeated, over and over

and from whichever stygian forest fire
they were sent, to attempt to possess me,
back there they always quickly fade
..Monday, Jan. 7, 2013..(C)2013 Spiros Zafiris
..NOTE: this poem is of similar theme as my
poem 'Another Demonic Episode', 2002/2010 versions
Dec 2012 · 3.2k
San Juan
Spiros Zafiris Dec 2012
the co-pilot, seated on the left, would scowl
the pilot was more amenable to small talk,
on this, our free ride: Miami to San Juan

the brother-in-law gave us a choice,
Puerto Rico or Equator
the ten or so days of our sleeping
on their living-room floor
were fun, the first three days
and he, a Miami airport guy,
offered one of two free flights

having chosen San Juan,
and not caring about the blood-thirsty Bermuda Triangle,
there we were :
in a C-24 cargo plane with its load
of five race horses, well stalled, well fed,
large, leather, hay-full pouches easily
accessible in front of each stall; one in front
and four others; two behind the first
and two others behind these; far
down, in the tail section, sat a man—
his job, caring for the horses

I don't know much about cargo planes
as a matter of fact, it may have been a C-26
but C-24 twirls my eyebrows more—
and I didn't expect it to be so cold up there

soon enough, I found out
we wouldn't arrive in jet-preen time,
perhaps in seven hours, or more

my love, cushion-comfy on the floor
next to the captain, stared, as I did,
to the ever-present, mountainous stars
housed not in mere magnificence but in abstract vision
you will learn much, staring at us,
we both knew we heard
by the briefest glance at each other's eyes

hour after hour fleeted,
my lovey fast asleep, captainside:
the first boom didn't startle
but the horses knew better
soon enough, the yoke started to jump
pilot and co-pilot, 30-year veterans,
tried to reveal only Calm
but the co-pilot started talking to
San Juan—I was to discover we
were, perhaps, forty minutes from the airport
then: neigh-EEEE, the horses
crazied themselves, each kicking
his stall—for, by now,
the one boom had transformed into:
and the yoke seemed to fly off
the captain's hands

at one point, as the co-pilot rose,
I could swear he briefly pulled his hair,
as he went behind the cockpit—searching, searching

he found what he was looking for:
a 20-gallon can of fuel—but it could
have been only 10 or 15
my baby was still fast asleep—the horses,
by now, had gone berserk—the caretaker, at the very
end, seemed to be having a spiritual experience,
ready to enter heaven; I may have seen an angel's
hand on the ready

speedily, the co-pilot unwound the cup
of a thermos and handed it to me
I was thinking: they will never find our bodies
and almost dared to awaken lovey;
how she kept on sleeping was a case of
supernal intervention

and lo and behold, the co-pilot placed
a finger on a tiny hole, leading to the fuel tank
and ordered: hold the thermos cup and don't shake—
I'll fill it and you pour the fuel into the hole

there we were:
voicing their concern
and with the first cup-full, I didn't spill
a drop—but there were more than two
hundred—perhaps three hundred to go

every time more than 7 drops skipped
the little hole, both the co-pilot and I
deathrattled in nightmares of unclogging vascular tease

we were twenty minutes away,
by this point, and the plane
started to hum
it must have been more than 280 thermos-cup
loads, the little hole accepted—and
perhaps 3 or 4 spilled down

was, perhaps, 3:00 A.M. when we landed
my love started to awake as
the wheels hit the runway

the airport was quite empty
of passengers or, almost, anyone
I wasn't in a great hurry
to tell lovey

mostly, clearly, I remember
us passing the pilot and co-pilot, inside,
after a while, sitting on chairs facing a closed snack bar

such blank looks I've
never seen, before or after;
a crippled fuel gauge pin
almost killed the horses
..Dec. 24,2012..© 2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram; reaching into
the poet's mind
Dec 2012 · 776
Practicing His Words
Spiros Zafiris Dec 2012

prostrate in his chair
the soliloquy tempers his jowls
snippets of swivel chair longing
already waylaid,
the continued flow of words
forbids, even, a glimpse back:
when the sister with her hubby
were banging on the hotel door
to stop him from murdering la belle
when all she was doing--
was, partaking of constant, voracious
upper torso howling, a la ***

he stops in mid-flight,
just before the crescendo,
suspecting he should have paused sooner,
to smile--rehearsal be ******!
..Dec. 12, 2012..(C)2012/2015 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram; reaching into the poet's mind
Dec 2012 · 683
Spiros Zafiris Dec 2012
in the tunic of the ancients,
my ballpoint
suggests, now, total freedom--
bypassing oceans--astral hymns to write
..circa 2011..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony
Dec 2012 · 2.5k
Spiros Zafiris Dec 2012
into the pewter,
a sprinkle of lavender lent
each dusk
of ages past--will my love
outlast such sacrifice
(C)2010/2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony
..first in Sketchbook 5-5 SepOct 2010
Nov 2012 · 600
A Special Smile
Spiros Zafiris Nov 2012
gardens supreme grudgingly hesitate,
almost opting to break the rules,
before sending lovenets to capture
choice glimmers of Shirley's smile

they would, most certainly, prefer
every spark, the full vibrancy,
but even for them it is not permitted
to interfere further with such a lovely dream;
this dearest testament of righteousness

but some brilliant mementos
they had to have
the stars would allow it,
they knew
..(C)2003/2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
Nov 2012 · 568 comfort
Spiros Zafiris Nov 2012
whisper to me, moon
tell me she lies in bed
wishing for a dream
of me--to please her heart,
to heal old wounds; to simply comfort
..(C)2008/2012 Spiros Zafiris..channeled;
spirit Harmony; reaching into the poet's heart
Nov 2012 · 793
Afterglows Of Trust
Spiros Zafiris Nov 2012
not to mimic the absolute tenderness of
the truest roses in Heaven,
afterglows of trust have their own
identifying features
they squint and glimmer and envelop
one's dearest aspirations
with such wonderful splendor and blessing,
that wise owls and ripe trees
easily capture these moments of fruition
entire forests and countless owls
live for this nurturing magic
..(C)2003/2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
Nov 2012 · 1.1k
The Photograph Of You
Spiros Zafiris Nov 2012
The photograph of you
on the north wall of the back room
of bar Night Magic
has impressed me so,
dear Leonard,
that I wonder, "How many beautiful losers
has it seduced?"

You are simply beautiful...
    the way you hold your brow
standing there in the company
of Lenin and Nietzsche
..(C) 1981/2012 Spiros Zafiris
..from Midnight Magic (1981)
Nov 2012 · 1.1k
The Times Of Love
Spiros Zafiris Nov 2012
then he smiled
the perseverance of a kiss
befriended his imagination
near or apart,
he loves her
the silence in their hearts
delivered a sense of turmoil

--yes, the magnitude of love
forsakes itself
certain sad moments,

sings the carpet

while, he,
he turns
and smiles at love
he knows will conquer
..circa 1986..(C)2002/2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
Nov 2012 · 1.1k
On The Painting
Spiros Zafiris Nov 2012

                    --from Cafe Le Quartier Libre

i can tell from the way he holds his body that
he's from Paris
as a child he spent his summers playing hide & seek
around the Eiffel Tower
he lost his virginity to a generous German ****
when he was eleven...a woman into Tarot and
palm reading

He smoked his first cigar with her
   i can tell, i know
and it can be said that she was his one and only
true love

O people reading these lines
   if only you could see him
Rodin would have loved him and would have devoted
decades on busts of him

O, if only you could see the way
he balances that hat on his cigar
   still under her spell
..circa 1978..Copyright 1981/2012 Spiros Zafiris
..from Midnight Magic (1981) ISBN:0-9690643-2-2
Nov 2012 · 656
Maiden In Distress
Spiros Zafiris Nov 2012
morning young she kept in her pockets
kind thoughts she shared with trees
man enters the picture
young and bold, he wants her
maiden fair refuses him
he is not pleased with her answer
mean he becomes
maiden climbs a tree
daring man tries to follow
water from clouds
yanks him down
the young ****** was saved by clouds
they appreciated her constant generosity--
her supple step;
they could not allow a rogue his pleasure
..circa 1986..(C)2002/2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
Nov 2012 · 1.3k
Another Version
Spiros Zafiris Nov 2012
perhaps I was twenty-six
she looked me over and soon enough
the walk to her place was zip, zap, zoop;
meaning, although the barman called
me over to tell me she had recently stabbed
or had tried to stab a bartender from
down the street,
my only concern was another mandrax, a
joint of kashmir hashish with thick ***** streaks
and, most certainly, a new escape; a new woman

the floor (a penthouse apartment, mind you):
much water from an overflowing sink...then, there's
the layer of dust on the dishes of the dish rack...and, not
to forget, the four or five
frightening knives, all very reachable

then, she introduces me to her first
jumping up and down episode--hollering,
"you're my father! I must **** you!"

how I spent two or was it three days with
her dumbfounds me these days...the fool, me,
I remember, first turned off the water
and mopped dry the floor...the miracle of
how my hand awoke and grabbed her wrist,
with the blade's tip an inch from my heart,
will have to wait another session with Harmony
--that She may reach into my mind and
pull out a more clear version of the epilogue
of this is-it-a-poem which I've written
in numerous other versions over the years
..(C)2011/2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Harmony; reaching into the poet's heart
Nov 2012 · 542
Spiros Zafiris Nov 2012
protect her then
the most innocent must be cared for
protect her O magic stars
protect her O gentle forces
the skies will answer
and she will walk defended
by Their glory

and all of Creation
will smile
for this loved and cherished one
..(C)2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram..circa 1987
Oct 2012 · 588
An Open Letter
Spiros Zafiris Oct 2012
a noon ritual,
the saying of her name
credit a leaf for longing
a leaf fans the pain
wounded trees weep like no human ever has
rate your pain a pittance
compared to the tears of trees

mere human pain--
stand by a mourning tree and
witness your moondrops of sadness in magnitude
the leaves of wounded trees
will find you sympathetic
they are natural bodies of appreciation
if noon finds one crying, weep along
..(C)1986/2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
Sep 2012 · 673
Spiros Zafiris Sep 2012
we're waiting
for the rain--to bemoan
the weather
--look, it's getting
darker and darker
(C)2002/2012 Spiros Zafiris
channeled; spirit Ram
Jul 2012 · 1.4k
Vixens And Youth
Spiros Zafiris Jul 2012
after he shrugged, he felt defeated
troubled, like a ***** in heat, he felt
rare dewdrops all but disappeared
yes, the demented ways of nature triumphed

one shrug revealed the secret
--haphazard news indeed--
the natural man smiled in shame
young and vicious, he slapped himself warlike
..(C)1987/2012 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
Oct 2011 · 605
The Truth About Love
Spiros Zafiris Oct 2011
wonder of wonders,
the men at Love's door
when a ripe man worships a woman,
the stars wake
and rivets of harmonious song filter through the universe
love is a release of majesty
the loved ones are a measure in kindness
were it not for Love,
man would have dissipated long ago
worship this yardstick
sever your pangs of ill will
the one who clearly loves
has on his side an angel
the one who resents is not forgiven
war is the trademark of a man torn with envy
love is the fortress of the blessed
wash your hands in a pool of love
the waters there will cleanse you
like no earthly waters can
love is a gateway to God
..(C) 1986/2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
Oct 2011 · 845
Her Heart
Spiros Zafiris Oct 2011
Sophie watches as you glide
through moments of desire
and moments of tears
the peaceful moments amaze her

she stands *****,
expecting the most disastrous
and, when only harmony greets her,
she almost believes
..(C)1987/2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
Oct 2011 · 1.7k
The Solemn Song
Spiros Zafiris Oct 2011
the day after the parting,
he wrote a solemn song--
sing, ye birds of admiration,
sing for this lonely one

nouns and pronouns adrift,
a canary's chirp afar--
listen to the sparkling lilacs
of her smile,
as they fade into the
..(C) 1987/2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram
Oct 2011 · 655
Bright Welcome
Spiros Zafiris Oct 2011
crisp, the welcome rolled through the air
their arms outstretched, to embrace,
shone chords of whimsy

and the smiles, another poem,
alarmed warmth's anticipation;
up until they finally held each other
..(C) 2002/2011 Spiros Zafiris
..channeled; spirit Ram

— The End —