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Sep 13 · 133
A Daily Reminder
S G Arndt Sep 13
Careful observations of the
changing leaves
A daily reminder that
our lives
Are not so different than
the trees
Beauty on display above that
chilled ground
Just to fall from our
high perch
Just to be
cut down
Sep 1 · 117
Dancing About
S G Arndt Sep 1
dancing about
             light on my
dancing about
             is this a      
dancing about
             will you join
dancing about
              your love set me
Aug 27 · 42
The News
S G Arndt Aug 27
cautiously consider, controversial cues
cautiously consider
what you see
on the news

detailed decisions, determined direction
detailed decisions
still no hiding

elaborate excuses, emphatic energy
elaborate excuses
the lies are

cautiously consider
what you see on the news
detailed decisions
elaborate excuses
S G Arndt Aug 26
what a subtle surprise
the slightest growth
on my window sill

young minds
and plants alike
need nutrients to grow

it is
my responsibility to
keep these plants alive

it is
my responsibility to
allow these young minds to thrive
Aug 23 · 700
Mourning's like These
S G Arndt Aug 23
it is difficult to remain focused, during
Mornings like these.
a little sad, a little mad, during
Mornings like these.
memories come and go, blurry images, during
Mourning's like these.
Nov 2020 · 77
Empty Classroom
S G Arndt Nov 2020
This desk has no name,
no face,
no personality associated with it;
it hurts,
it stings,
it drains all my energy away.
Jan 2020 · 121
Bus Stop
S G Arndt Jan 2020
Leaves began to fall that morning, as the crisp November wind brushed by. It was as if Autumn was saying hello to those who had the daily walk to the jobs that provided just enough to scrape by. In this part of the world, personal transportation— or a beat-down car— was a luxury that most, oftentimes, did not have the riches to get ahold of. So people took to walking down to that bus stop. No matter the weather, no matter a blue or black sky, that bus stop was where people came together.
S G Arndt Dec 2019
As the clock strikes 2 a.m. in San Jose, the mother of four calls it a day, counts up her earnings, and takes the bus home to her flat, where her oldest son, age fifteen, has put his siblings to bed, and just as he begins to relax, he remembers tomorrow there is a test, one he has not studied for, one he has no need for, his job is to be the man of the house, but his teacher will fail him no doubt.
Dec 2019 · 411
Mountains of Paper
S G Arndt Dec 2019
As mountains of paper continue to cover her desk, a student blurts out, “Why is my grade like this?”, the teacher knows she is behind, with grades, social life, motivation withering on the vine, but the students do not care, because Christmas is near, and when the next semester rolls around, another mountain will appear.
Nov 2019 · 171
Ins and Outs
S G Arndt Nov 2019
Cresting over the skin with a razor, a young woman learns the ins and outs of the society she is in, the blood and tears it takes to be seen, and for someone to love her back, all the while, a Swiss boy, age eight or nine, steals their mother’s makeup and paints on a smile, knowing just how, on the inside, the norms are becoming ever more fragile.
Nov 2019 · 156
S G Arndt Nov 2019
Morning after morning, the wrinkled man rises with the sun, pours a cup of coffee, sitting—listening for the train to roar by, the same track a much younger man, is cramming his brain full of numbers by, to get where he wants to go, an engineer, who was fascinated by trains at an early age.
S G Arndt Nov 2019
As the city continues to grow crowded, and concrete confines the mind, the birds up north begin their epic journey, breaking free, leaving their homes behind, from high above the year’s first snow, the birds must think, I bet humans wish they could fly away from it all.
S G Arndt Nov 2019
While standing behind the espresso machine, another latte on the way, a wrinkled man walked his dog in the neighborhood nearby, shuffling across the fallen leaves, following the path that he and his love discovered all those years ago, approaching the bench, that overlooked a pond, the man whispered to the dog, what a great evening for a cup of coffee.
Nov 2019 · 70
Endless Heat
S G Arndt Nov 2019
the heat is rising, again and again
as the sun says goodnight.
our bodies boarders, together
holding on tight.
following our goosebumps, touch
leads the way.
more and more, we become one
endless love.
Oct 2019 · 743
I am Unafraid
S G Arndt Oct 2019
Looking up at the stars
That dreamy
Now with closed eyes
Imagining a prior
Whispering from afar
Murmuring about neglected
Unfazed but now understanding
That I am
Oct 2019 · 616
The Birds
S G Arndt Oct 2019
Why would someone
Put a bird in

A cage

Even with a velvet floor
The bird will lose its way
Aug 2019 · 245
Upsetting Forevermore
S G Arndt Aug 2019
It is concerning how our society’s flaws keep surfacing. And what do we do? We sit back— in awe, due to the perplexity of it all. This cycle— this ****** cycle— will be upsetting forevermore.
Aug 2019 · 197
Aged Whiskey
S G Arndt Aug 2019
Down the hatch it went
A lit match
With an aged twist
Friends warn you
Of what’s to come
Tellin’ you
The end is no longer out of sight
Your body craves it
Your arms shake
As you laugh on
Trembling through the night
A lit match
With an aged twist
Jul 2019 · 260
Parents Cry
S G Arndt Jul 2019
She was young
She was so independent
Parents cry—
About the wrongs she committed

They don’t try
They never try

But she doesn’t mind
She is young
And parents cry—
When their children outgrow their fantasy
Jul 2019 · 115
To Those Who Water Flowers
S G Arndt Jul 2019
Thank you to the person
Who waters the flowers
Sustaining the colors
And feeding the hummingbirds
Jul 2019 · 279
Love on Repeat
S G Arndt Jul 2019
This love is ****** and raw
This love is so sweet
This love is youthful
This love is free
This love is spontaneous yet steady
This love is complete
This love—
Is on repeat
Jun 2019 · 93
Hunters We Were
S G Arndt Jun 2019
At the core
Hunters we were
Facing the daily job
Fueled by the desire to live—
And pass on
What separates us
From them
Is our delicate tongues
The ability to dream—
And desire a feeling of release
May 2019 · 1.1k
Delicate Day
S G Arndt May 2019
April showers — in May
The flowers cannot breathe
I cannot breathe
Rest easy
These tears run down my cheek
What a disastrous — delicate day
Apr 2019 · 103
Conversations in the Dark
S G Arndt Apr 2019
I lucked out
With a friend like you
Striking gold
You are superior
You are something to behold
Conversations in the dark
Come with convincing choice words
Please—tell me again
All the things that you prefer
Apr 2019 · 123
Dew on the Grass
S G Arndt Apr 2019
The fabric of my pillowcase
Matches your eyes
As I close mine
My mind begins to memorialize

Like adolescents we were
Jumping over a fire
Hand in hand
The love and desire

Embracing one another
Now part of the scenery
The sun begins to fall
Oh, the irony

Gliding through the night
Our tongues collide
With dew on the grass
We hold on for the ride
Mar 2019 · 991
Bed Of Peonies
S G Arndt Mar 2019
Simply stunning.
So divine.

A bed of peonies,
                               grow thicker.
Sweet, subtle touch.

Year after year,
                          the bed will be there.
For comfort.
Who could ask for more?

Look out the window,
                                       the moonlight shore.
The waves crashing beneath.
Just out of reach.                  

We have so much here,
                                        to live for.
S G Arndt Jan 2019
Moonlight reappears
You and I both know
If it feels right
Embrace and go

Liquor pours
Your favorite record plays
Compose yourself as I grow tall

As our silhouettes dance on the wall
Tonight we can live our dreams
But forgive me
It just seems

That you are holding back
Please don’t hold back
Let it out
Live our dreams
Dec 2018 · 114
In Search of Release
S G Arndt Dec 2018
In search
Of release
Holding tight
Decisions clouded by lust
Take my hand
Nov 2018 · 1.0k
No Need For Gold
S G Arndt Nov 2018
It is as if
My most golden time
Was when I had absolutely
No need for gold
All that altered my life
Was the glimmer in your eye
S G Arndt Nov 2018
enjoy these words
in silence
value every line
you might try
to look right through me
in an attempt
to dampen the shine
Nov 2018 · 118
Sufficiently Slight
S G Arndt Nov 2018
Why write
Why write
These thoughts appear
Sufficiently slight

Baffling bite
Baffling bite
Nothing else
Feels right

Glimmering lie
Glimmering lie
Both on the floor
Why even try

These thoughts appear
Nothing else feels right
Why even try
Why even write
Nov 2018 · 198
Cannot be Measured
S G Arndt Nov 2018
what in life brings you pleasure?
a certain touch, one that cannot be measured
what in life brings you pain?
her taking off, so you could wait
for her return
in vain
Nov 2018 · 249
Balancing on this Ball
S G Arndt Nov 2018
Aware of everything
But paying attention to one thing  
Balancing on this ball we call life
Most do not know
What it takes to create the spark
A life worth living
Filled with desire and passion
Always leaving your mark
Sep 2018 · 123
Trembling Tongue
S G Arndt Sep 2018
Murmurs flow
Across your trembling tongue
This dampened glow
Will you overcome
Demons are creeping up
You better run
Sep 2018 · 148
Owe Me an Explanation
S G Arndt Sep 2018
You still owe me an explanation
Before you ruin another night
All the questions
All the pain
No need to start again
When we both know
Where it will end
Secrets exposed
All the stones unturned
All the memories
Let them burn
Aug 2018 · 111
Reasons To Push Me Away
S G Arndt Aug 2018
From the start
Knowing every
Word to say
Your wicked ways
Chasing new love
Day by day
Finding reasons
To push me away
Jul 2018 · 432
Body on Body
S G Arndt Jul 2018
Did he touch you like this
Hold the temptations in
Or let them spill
No more hesitation
Tonight is your night
This is not a drill
Body on body
Chasing the thrill
Jul 2018 · 711
Your Mind Strays
S G Arndt Jul 2018
Your mind strays
Things fall apart
You plead out
It’s the darkness
That won’t go away
A living hell
Feelings of betrayal
So many questions
Who is to blame
Who is to blame
Something surfaced
All the lies unfold
Losing control
You can no longer manipulate
You can no longer stop
The coming of the storm
Jun 2018 · 165
S G Arndt Jun 2018
I have managed
To forget the weight
All the self doubt
All the self hate
I begin to crumble
You begin to manipulate
Stuck in this cycle
Has become my fate
Jun 2018 · 289
Leaving the Garden
S G Arndt Jun 2018
These expectations
Have a ruthless grip
On me
Like a snake
Around my neck
You led me closer
To the inferno
Despite it all
We continue on
Leaving the garden
Jun 2018 · 675
Where Will the Power Go?
S G Arndt Jun 2018
Through the grass you maneuvered your way.
Preying on the weak, pleasing yourself,
day by day.
One must stay strong.
When faced with such allure.
One must remain true, true to the core.
By doing so,
you might regain control.
Overcoming obstacles and much more.
The knowledge gained unknown.
For when man conquers this,
where will the power go?
Jun 2018 · 181
S G Arndt Jun 2018
You sit and admire
The way she moves
Unlike anything you have seen
How has the creator
Made such a perfect being
Along came the temptations
Forbidden was the word
Do not touch was meditated
How could one resist
Something so pure
Judgement clouded by lust
The Word all but forgotten
Lucifer at his wicked best
This however
Not a devil
Or a snake
But your last mistress
You little cheat
Jun 2018 · 211
Love Galore
S G Arndt Jun 2018
might simply ask
what do you
want from this
love galore
might anxiously plead
i need more
i need more
Jun 2018 · 145
Under Your Spell
S G Arndt Jun 2018
Sophisticated lovin’
I hope you see
I hope you listen
This love is a prison
Call me your prisoner
Call me your prison guard
Under your spell
You manipulated every outcome
You manipulate your lover
Jun 2018 · 188
Warm Night // Fuel
S G Arndt Jun 2018
The warm night fuels are youthful spirit  
The fun has just began
When it’s all said and done
You will wish that you had run

Cover your lies
So you shall try
There is no one to hear
You cry

No where to go
Or look for help
To scream out
Or find yourself

Do you recall all the mistakes
Do you think about them day by day
Every summer night
Day by day
Jun 2018 · 154
Twenty One
S G Arndt Jun 2018
Amazing to think
You could have had me
But somehow
We both escaped

Look at me now
I’m only 21
So let me be me
Let me be free

I’m trying to fly
Away from everything
Fly high, so high
Leaving the pain below

I can’t wait to see what’s in store
The future is bright
For the 21 year old
Jun 2018 · 110
Conquer it All
S G Arndt Jun 2018
Because of your past,
                                     you built these walls,
                                     and held it all in.

But then you came across me,
                                                     and began to see,
                                                     that things could maybe be different.

The flame started to burn.
            ­                                 We felt as if we could conquer it all.
Jun 2018 · 355
Your Web
S G Arndt Jun 2018
Here we go again
You’ve begun to build your home
Inside my head
With my guard down
You’ve spun your web
I no longer have control
I cannot escape my head
Jun 2018 · 105
Calm // The Storm
S G Arndt Jun 2018
How is it so
That you are the calm
And the storm

A force to be reckoned with
Show me your ways
Then show me more

You built these walls
So high
Yet I still try

To learn your ways
And how to ride out
The storm
May 2018 · 235
Untapped Potential
S G Arndt May 2018
I find myself pondering
The sheer madness
Of mankind
Have we reached the pinnacle
Is there more for us to find
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