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  Jun 2015 Anonymous
The Last Wordsmith
There is no point, all is dust,
my life will end, as all things must.
No feeling is worth the pain of life,
a pointless waste, filled with strife.
So with this blade I'll end it all
and into peace, I'll finally fall.
  Jun 2015 Anonymous
Forgotten Heart
i have
given up
on you

it's hard
to miss you

giving up
hurts less
missing you
i hope this to be my last poem for you my love
good bye, have fun......!!!
  Jun 2015 Anonymous
The Last Wordsmith
My heart bleeds poetry, the way your wrists bleed blood
And so I bled, as my world fell into the mud
Yet I bleed not now, for neither do you,
and you don't care, so you're not going to.
But let it not be said, that I did not try,
I just can't bleed poetry, with a muse that's gone dry
  Jun 2015 Anonymous
Ah, love.
most explicit
  Jun 2015 Anonymous
Sarah Spang
Broken thing, little bird
Still your wings and heed my word
There's always time to fly again
So take a rest my weary friend.

Feel the wind rush through the leaves
Sway gently on the summer breeze
Slow your breath and end your song
My little bird, the day is long.

Oh, baby bird, my little crow
I love you more than you could know
Sleep sweetly, softly, precious one
The night has come, the day is done.
  Jun 2015 Anonymous
Ignatius Hosiana
I don't want an umbrella
I just need someone
To hold my hand and walk
With me through the rain

I need no pain killer
I just want someone
To stay ,one to talk
To till I'm past the pain

I don't want a fairy tale
I just pray for someone
with whom our story'll end well
Someone to make me love again
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