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 Aug 2015 SpazticOrange
Kiss me deeply
Like you know I am better than the scars on my tongue

Kiss me with regret
Knowing we will never have this exact moment back

Kiss me tomorrow
Because I will need a reminder I am alive

Kiss me one more time
Just once more
I need to know
You are still here
your presence,
the only reason
that i am still alive
you do not have to ♥
you don't have to repost
you do not even have to read this

By posting dedications and tributes

Trying to raise my stats
Recruit new readers
Impress ANYONE

I'm not hired by Eliot to
promote his site


There are some who have
POISON in their mind and
There was a Young Lady of Poole,
Whose soup was excessively cool;
So she put it to boil
By the aid of some oil,
That ingenious Young Lady of Poole.
You are my personal taste of sorbet, sun-tan lotion, botched
slices of the sun that sit on my tongue like pills
before I swallow. I hate necessity, and crave your entity
in ice cream scoop sizes. I want to pull the batteries out of your back,
**** the juice onto my palette and spit it back into your eyes
so maybe you can feel the sting you left me with when you pushed
my heart off the side of the bed while pulling your pelvis closer to my head.
I hate when we’re cooking and you slide ice cubes down my shirt,
but did you know that’s the only time I ever felt anything
from you that wasn’t warm and bitter and bruised? I think
that sometimes your nightmares even scare me.
I can feel them when you sleep,
your arm flinching beneath my neck, how you curl
your toes against my calves and grind your teeth like you’re trying to fit
your square memories into the oval-shaped hole of my spine.
I get that that’s why you’re a little crooked, but you used me
to straighten yourself like the post a tomato plant wraps its stem around.
You took all the nutrients from my center and fed yourself.
You are the palm tree in my snow globe, but no matter
many times I shake you
the snow still falls on my shoulders.
 Dec 2014 SpazticOrange
 Dec 2014 SpazticOrange
it only makes sense
that a girl who wants to die
should fall for a man who wants to **** her
Underneath a crushing moonlit
Roses are dancing in a glow garden
Cram of comeliness whispering through my pensive
Applaud an agitating mind of dragging love
That submerging under a poetic passion
A wild **** of beauty wishing to crave a romance
Stressing on mind that makes
Bubbles of emotions simultaneously,
Touching and filling the empty dreams
That essence of heaven creating the melody of divine music
Passing through the poet's nose and nails
Deep ache  popping at the heart and stone
There render of love conceiving to catch a **** of heaven
A tangible gaiety that creates so surprising illusion
The glimmer chords becoming to splash
The utmost inflames growing to outburst,
Bursts into the fire of gaiety--
Psyche pouring a fathomless passion till the twilight
Where there I am dancing alone with my shadow,
Ah! my Love--
Oh! my Love ----
What a Crushing Moonlit!!  
@ Musfiq us shaleheen
underneath the crushing moonlit: the beauty makes a divine melody

when I think you haven’t recalled me
and you are wondering to flee
I have discovered myself alone

the evening star is moving under the dark
and the road seems like arc
the time goes underneath the memory hark

I move with the wrong
and my guitar is longing too long
the birds are singing so melancholy song

I don’t know then
why I feel you very
feel you very

when I am coming back to home
and you are running to roam
I have discovered myself again alone

my dreams are floating in bubbles
and I feel you are in so many troubles
dry leaves are falling on the floor

I am walking alone on the shore
and hearing your voice into my core
love moves with so many more

I don’t know then
why I feel you very
Feel you very-

@Musfiq us shaleheen
I don’t know then
why I feel you very
Feel you very-
 Nov 2014 SpazticOrange
You're eyes , they sparkled that night.
Made me forget of the horrors we constantly live through.
It's as if you knew.
But how?
 Nov 2014 SpazticOrange
Dear sir or madame ,
PLEASE, stop spamming the website that means a significant amount to every individual involved in this community.
It would be greatly appreciated.
You are causing a nuisance to many of us whom simply want to enact in the enjoyment of either reading or writing poetry.

Sincerely ,
Most of us?
I know im not the only one tired of this savagery.
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