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  Dec 2014 SpazticOrange
it only makes sense
that a girl who wants to die
should fall for a man who wants to **** her
SpazticOrange Nov 2014
Depth vs. Surface Tension.
Focused Understanding vs. Superficial Knowledge
Needs vs. Wants
Rewards vs. Obligations

Deep vs. Superficial
Trying vs. Being Forced
Calling vs. Showing Off
Trouble vs. Tragedy

Dark vs. Light
Solutions vs. Confusion
Certainty vs. Ambiguity
Interesting vs. Entertaining

Colder vs. Warmer
Experimentation vs. Repetition
Philosophy vs. Facts
Science vs. Fiction

Humid vs. Dry
Humility vs. Ego
Control vs. Lashing
Transcending vs. Forgettable

Unknown vs. Familiar
Sparking vs. Unimaginative
Constant vs. Frail
Executor vs. Executed
Do share your opinions on this one. I would kindly appreciate it.

This one goes out to people who dive into the depths of thought in contrast to those who spend time scouring the surfaces of knowledge. Places begin. Destinations end.

when I think you haven’t recalled me
and you are wondering to flee
I have discovered myself alone

the evening star is moving under the dark
and the road seems like arc
the time goes underneath the memory hark

I move with the wrong
and my guitar is longing too long
the birds are singing so melancholy song

I don’t know then
why I feel you very
feel you very

when I am coming back to home
and you are running to roam
I have discovered myself again alone

my dreams are floating in bubbles
and I feel you are in so many troubles
dry leaves are falling on the floor

I am walking alone on the shore
and hearing your voice into my core
love moves with so many more

I don’t know then
why I feel you very
Feel you very-

@Musfiq us shaleheen
I don’t know then
why I feel you very
Feel you very-
SpazticOrange Nov 2014
There's always going to be that one time in my life, when I'll give you a rose,
Maybe it's because I love you.
Maybe it's because I want to say, "Enough fighting, let's settle and be gay".
Or maybe, i'm just messing with your head…
Maybe all I want to do is remind you of all the ****** up things you've done to me.
And that all I want in return is that tear in your eye that says, "I'm sorry... will you let me go?"

Roses are red… Violets are blue,
But roses are still red...

You were my rose you know?
An ******* rose, that dripped with the blood that gushes from the life of my soul,
and that little spark of sustenance I used to hold on to, a thoroughbred love between just you and me…
So much that I have had the little smile on your face and the twinkle of rays that catch in your eye, scarred deep in the tinkling colours of the cones in my retinas.

But I stand here today, a new man.
Oh a new man indeed. Do I really need to explain myself?
From all the possible ****** means that, perversely, everyone seems to use to stereotype a man.
Do I really need to tell you that all I want in a relationship is the infatuating love of a guy or girl deep in my life?
That I crave so much more than just the mere lanky tale of ***…
Oh no, I stand here a new man… with a new rose.
For this rose, I give to only the one that I learn about… The one that I learn has learned to love me.
Maybe this time, I'm ready to give a rose, for the right reasons…

Oh of roses… One of God's putrid allegory for a painful or even happy love…
Gloriously crimson upon the lips on which I dream of kissing at night but a tad bit a trope of ebony black on evil and twisted souls… And to think the psyche of all that is flawless would be seen in the one I dream of…

Red roses in life? I still prefer the lemons that life brings me...
Written, 9th October, 2009
SpazticOrange Nov 2014
Come hither;
come hither wherest I'm hiding.
Shadows blind the cloudy sight,
I'm here only in the darkest light.

Look too the night,
I'm holding on so tight;
never hold me, never touch me,
I'm here, I despair...
Looming from the graves,
thine evil-hearted knaves.

I'll sing on to thee,
all the songs of winter nights.
Hear me, find me,
thou art my only light.
SpazticOrange Nov 2014
Your sins are written in caps lock,
at heaven's door, before you knock,
recall you had all the time on the clock.
SpazticOrange Nov 2014
In came the waves, they washed me away;
they're supposed to wash me clean,
instead I'm now and island far from the land we once shared and named friendship.

The very water that's supposed to cleanse,
it now gives way for lines across an underwater minefield,
demarcations of achievements to be in your good books;
1 metre, 2 metres, 3 metres, 4 metres...
I keep going at it, but I've bruised myself at first,
then I began losing a toe-nail, and then a toe, and then one single ankle.
I'm down to the last of my functioning limbs to fight for your needing me to be something important again.

But the waves have come.
You fought it once and I wasn't an island for once.
And I suddenly found peace in the waters.
But now the waters flood the earth again,
and I'm going under.

I'm that insignificant an island after all.
Poor me.
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