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Sparrow Liver Jan 31
The dishwasher was run the night before
The moon reaches high again as I empty
I turn to the sink which has been filled
I peel back the layers of the day as I reach
The fifth day leftovers of pork and sauerkraut
The soup cup I chugged in search of pie
The bottle I made after enduring the tears
The lime green snack bowls, unwanted
The breakfast *** crusted over just as my eyes were when I made the first meal
Now mixed with rings of grit and swirls of grey from the coffee filter
Delicately sliced grapefruit, perfectly sized bites, I presented to the baby now lie in the drain
Mist hits my face as it bounces off stainless steal
Wipe the grime and release the shine
Thank you
Sparrow Liver Jan 18
Stomach in knots
It mirrors her movements
Click and a snap
A little hum to make it go down easier
She’ll mirror your smile
So just smile
Be soft outside
Be stronger inside
Sparrow Liver Dec 2020
1:13pm Eating scrambled eggs out of the pan
2:23pm Watching *** in the City with hot tea
5:05pm Crisp apple and peanut butter for dinner
7:43pm Trying to get my dog to stop barking
9:28pm Shopping for an oversized sweater  
11:37pm Hand under the covers into wet warmth
Self love during a holiday pandemic.
Sparrow Liver Dec 2020
I seep joy from my chest
The heart knows what’s best
It settles in the gut
But my lover is in a rut
Guarded by the mind
Distracted by the grind
Sparrow Liver Dec 2020
I live in a whirlwind of love
When she leaves
I’m in the eye of the storm
Too quiet
For my daughter, I love you.
Sparrow Liver Dec 2020
Watching anime and eating cake
on a Saturday night
Drinking beer and enjoying football
on a Sunday afternoon
Placing a fluffed pillow on a single bed
On a Monday morning
Walking through the trees with my mind
Stepping over dreams with reluctance
Driving through the day for me and her
To be continued...
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