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Taylor Jan 2020
My clouded mind could never love itself the way you love your perceived hope.
I wish you could make me, shove me, kick me, spit in my face until I just do it.
But this weight is mine and mine alone.
Taylor Jan 2020
I’m spending tonight like I always do. (missing you)
A raindrop rolls down my window and I can’t help but link it to you.
(like I do everything else)
It takes everything in me not to just wipe it away. To kiss it away. To lick every single rain drop until the sky heaves in numbness. To just call you.
Taylor Dec 2019
& my faith is burnt out
& my love couldn’t be more of a bother
& his lips don’t make me beg
(i wish i could feel you again)
(i wish i could feel you)
(i wish i could feel)
gimme fuit gummi i wan fuit gummi

— The End —