One last lullaby
before nightingales migrate
forest sleeps till spring.

You are neither accidental
nor a figment of imagination
but rather a tangible star
in this 89th constellation.

The sky we're standing on is a
thoughtfully tangled tapestry
with each of us set at an angle
to achieve a planned geometry.

Though you're made of stardust
you may not see your light reflect
but if you stop defying the dark
the dots will never connect.

There is much chaos, with stars
colliding, exploding, all around
but you can bring back order
that we lost and never found.

We are all counting on you
to help us hold the line
thus, you mustn't fade away
Shine! Shine! Shine! Shine!

Only in finite books
can we find
all the infinities of life.

Lay me down like a paper boat
I'll sleep tonight on this riverbed
let go of me, your hands are beat
hold on to my memory instead.

Send me away like a ripple, I'll
reach the shore, floating from the sea
you must leave now, don't look back
there's a storm that's coming for me.

The one who would
understand me
is equally shy
to start a conversation

I open my door
the snow comes rushing inside
curses the weather.

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