Apr 2011 · 649
Kiss of Death
Sourav Apr 2011

First they were useful
seemed like the needs
felt like best friends
smoke, drinks, those smells-
seemed so awesome;
like the uncontrollable sexual desire
in the dark wild night-
as if nothing in the world does matter
first these were life saving
then became life;
now they are stronger
than the self
more potent than my extreme power
a strong toxin;
poison already injected
life is faint
life is scared
every effort breaks
like pieces of glass;
a scream for help
seems like an invalid's frail body
life is confused and desperate
and there is a void of nothingness-
only those smells remain.
at first it was fun, an adventure
now it's a tragedy, a lost battle
a kiss of death.

Dec 2010 · 585
Eternal Love
Sourav Dec 2010

Sitting there with your blank eyes waiting for an eternity
Although you know he is never going to come back
With every moment passes away like immortal infinity
Only, dust erupts from his ever deserted solitary track;

Wind plays with your untidy hair birds fly and sing
You sink in your thought try to hold back the time
But time flies relentlessly by its indefatigable wings
Love is denied but love hasn’t died only life pasts the prime.

© Sourav RC
Dec 2010 · 784
A Rupee
Sourav Dec 2010

My word is not reaching to you
It’s getting feeble by your laughter & cheers
It gets lost by the chaos of this crazy world
Though I’m screaming in full throttle
But – it’s not reaching to your heart
Because my words are so lonely and-
You’re so lost in your own self, drowned in self obsession.

You look so superficial there’s no veracity on your face
You talk like someone else, behave like a living dead
You want more but unwilling to give a drop-
To the dying humanity;
And my words like a frail craft
I’m your intellectual property
You take my picture and move away
To practice your intellect –
You’re such a sham, venal and unashamed.

But someday when you’re tired & alone
Uncomfortable in your comfort zone –
In your sleepless, ceaseless night
Remember, I only asked for a rupee from you
One rupee- for one bread –
Just to live one more day –
   of my life.

© Sourav RC
Sep 2010 · 421
Rumination of a Soul
Sourav Sep 2010

I know you - my dear lady, to me you are not a stranger
You live somewhere in this world, but don’t live very far
I’ve heard you in my morning raga; I’ve heard you in the evening bell
They cherish to say a lot about you and I also have a story to tell.

I follow you with my eyes – my fair lady, though you can’t see me
I paint you in the canvas of my soul but not for everyone to see
You’re the companion of my secret play, eavesdropper of my silent expression
Even in crowd of a thousand I feel you- can sense your matchless sensation.

© Sourav RC
Aug 2010 · 461
Poetise Thoughts
Sourav Aug 2010

Golden hue of an immortal sun
Flying clouds on the canvas of sky
Birds fly in the freedom of fun
A treat to watch - a gift to eye

Green grass, covered by morning dew
Trees dance in tune of naughty breeze
A smiling rose does all delight renew
Quiet moist earth is at absolute ease

A perfect scenario for two lovers young
As nature creates a soft romantic stage
Lost in each other - emotionally clung
Slowly they break the lawful cage

All the earth and air, beauty so profound
Awaken the soul of a poet hidden in deep
Now I can feel the aura, hear the sound
My spirit awakens from the defiant sleep.

© Sourav RC
Aug 2010 · 444
Sourav Aug 2010

Many sleepless nights I spent trying to catch the rhyme
Confrontations within my soul made me forget the time
Helpless I was- observed everything in utmost shame
When conscious debunked me- there was no me- just my name

Days come with bright smile but I cannot face that light
Inside me my effigy is still burning which sparked at one night
Trying to run with my all, savage storm hasn’t calmed down yet
Everything of mine has gone scattered, mutilated soul lingers in regret

In this abstruseness of mind and swirling mist- clarity which is so lost
Darkness has bound my soul, salvation I seek at my own dearest cost
He, who’ll give me the shelter, washes off my remorse- the mark of Cain
May my journey end at His door, compassion revives once more- I cry amen.

© Sourav RC
Jul 2010 · 467
Sourav Jul 2010

Clouds were getting ready to shower this earth
I was waiting for this moment walking through the path
A spirit so dried out, kept its tired hope on the sky
Praying for a thunderstorm to end this spell of dry.

Then came the rain like a bunch of playful children
Lovingly embracing the mother earth with the strain
Wind was roaring and powering through the trees
Like a group of revolutionists, who got free without cease –

As I was enjoying this savage love, every drop of water
I surrendered myself to nature’s most gripping disaster.

© Sourav RC
Jul 2010 · 451
And Sin There Be
Sourav Jul 2010

When dark clouds cover the sky
Rain is ready to fall on tired earth
What picture draws your two wet eyes-
Does a dream arise –a thoughtful little birth?

When a religious monster murders a child
Carefree time brings the wind of death
A mother’s cry where the death has piled
How do you find your unquestionable faith?

When life becomes cold- and frightening
No words from heaven only scream of hell
Virtue is faded, fear tied up the wings
How will you live? No voice will tell.

And when vast clouds descend finally
Moment of joy, pleasure for earth divine
But no rain can wash off the sin – and sin there be
In life, in love – in every facet of you and mine.

© Sourav RC
Jul 2010 · 373
Song of Earth
Sourav Jul 2010

Beautiful home, my lovely earth
From you all inspirations are drawn
Good and evil both have birth
Heaven and hell both are born.

Grass, leaf, bud and flower
Small plants, huge strong trees
Divine looking under the shower
Playful beauty in the blowing breeze.

My past, present and future tomorrow
Your power pierced my life through
Everything that’s needed, I borrow
Knowing not you but I belong to you.

© Sourav RC

— The End —