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Janna Apr 26
We cry
when we are most sad
We cry
when we feel so bad
We cry
sometimes not knowing why
We cry
maybe when we're high
We cry
in times of pure joy
We cry
maybe over some stupid boy
We cry
when we fall down
We cry
even the funniest clown
We cry
so we might let it all go
We cry
We cry
We cry.
Janna Mar 10
Mind Reader,
Soul Seeker,
Hard Reacher,
No Sleeper,
Mystery Dreamer
Slow Reaper,
Blood Leacher
Grow Deeper,
Future Leader,
You still can't read my mind.
Janna Mar 10
Losing my Grip
Instant Flip
Bountiful the Field
Endless to Yield
Reminisce of Old
Truth Be Told
Yesterday was Gold
Janna Nov 2018
I’ll write my concerns

Down it goes,

On the perfect crisp white

In between the lines

Can you read through them

But down it goes either way

Lodged in my throat

The words don’t come out

Like the way I want it to

The pen is dry liquidation

It worsens my condition

I can’t seem to write

Write down these concerns

Stuck and caught

In the moment

The pen hits paper

My words choked up

My vision is blurry

The dry ink got wet

Now I thank the liquid in my eye

some days our worries are well above our heads, high in the clouds, we can't see the start or the end, we have lost our voices, choked on our own tears, we lack understanding and wisdom, the left is right and right is left. some days we can't speak but try and write your concerns down, let it go, burn the piece of paper, pray on it, but let it go, let it out.
Janna Oct 2018
Though I prayed for wisdom
My choices were unwise
Though I sought understanding
My choices blocked insight
One can ask for this and that
But if one's choices are far from what is being asked
One limits themselves
Janna Sep 2018
I find a part of me
I never met you
We are the sum total of all our memories. The good times. The bad times. The painful moments. The really great, happy moments. I choose not to suppress or repress my emotions to each event that occurs in my life, I choose to connect and be real with my own soul and spirit. In choosing this, sometimes I wish I made better choices. Sometimes I fall into the trap of old memories, sometimes I regret. And that’s okay. It allows me to think more, think harder, ask why, dig deeper, learn, move on, grow. This is a process that will bring me to tears some days, on other days I will laugh over it, but in future days I am assured that there is eternity awaiting after this life and there will be no more tears or sadness for all who put their trust in Jesus, for it says in Revelation 21:4 that “God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. No more pain, for the former things have passed away, for He makes all things new”
Janna Sep 2018
Everyday I ask myself

If the hole is still open

My itchy fingers can’t help

But poke and pry

Instead of let time heal

My itchy fingers

Do more harm

Than patience and time

My itchy fingers

Keep on itching

I keep asking myself

If it’ll heal

But my itchy fingers

Won’t listen

- soulwriterj
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