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I think the music has been lying
Love isn’t like the melodies
Of the songs on the radio
It’s hard and disappointing
And no one ever stays for long
I wish I never believed
Those stupid love songs
Because maybe if
I never heard them
No one would’ve never let me down
She looked at herself in the mirror
All pale and chocolate haired
You could see the veins in her thighs
The moles on her back and the roses in her lips
She didn’t like the way her legs stretched taller than most people her age
Or the way her chin seemed to blend into her neck
She never liked the shape of her head or the arch in her back
An arch that formed from trying to fold into herself
She was always disappointed with the way she looked in photos
And she always felt so outrageously mediocre
Good at everything but never best at anything
Always in the average column
But she told herself every morning as she looked in this mirror
‘Love yourself anyway, because this is all you’re getting’
And with every morning comes a little sliver of a developing affection
At least for the roses in her lips
Fenchurch Jul 14
It's been a month since my birthday.
A month since I fell back into
the steady rhythm of loving you.
But it's only been a day
Since I watched as you
Fell back into
the steady rhythm of loving
Fenchurch Jul 11
I’m not going to sit and wait
For these feelings to dissipate
I have to quit looking for you
Because I know that we’re through
Any chance of you and me
Has drifted away along with the waves of the sea
#ocean #sea #love #loss
Fenchurch Jul 11
I would say it was your loss,
But you and I both know
You can’t lose what you never had,
And you never wanted me.
So you didn’t lose me,
I lost me.
I lost myself when I fell for you.
And I don’t know if I can find my way back.
#unrequited #emoboy
Fenchurch Jul 3
My dreams
Are the only place
Where you choose me
Fenchurch Jun 22
I know I will escape you.
I know I'll be alright.

With time.
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