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SB Jan 25
He makes it all new again.
Butterflies come back to life
I knew a love that was
Broken in
Mind shattering
Life changing

But here I am pieced together again
After failing from so high it nearly broke
I’m letting him fill the cracks that no ones ever filled

He shows me what’s new.
He shows me how to love
What’s new.

I can’t predict where this will go
For the first time
In a while
It’s an adventure
With no destination

Just the two of us and the road.
SB Jan 24
The sun.
She knocks on my door
through the cracks

She wakes me with her vibrant glow
And stirs my soul
From calm to restless

Deep swirling blue to smooth, gradient rose
Her hues paint for me
A new reason to live each day
  Jan 24 SB
Hailey Rebecca McNutt
For you
To open yourself
To breathe
The aura,
The resounding
That magic
Does exist
SB Jan 24
Oh how the sunset
Meddles with me
Golden flecks
Searing the sky
Split me open
And pour my tears
Like milk into a cats dish.
SB Jan 24
Can I call myself a survivor?
I don’t feel like I earn the name.
Because my body was never
Well except for almost once
Physically forced
But my mind was played with
Unintentionally I hope
By a boy who could not control himself
He convinced my brain I had a choice
My heart felt otherwise
SB Jan 24
You even had me fooled.
You convinced me that you were entitled to by body
You took the untouched parts of me
And made them yours.
And despite the riot in my soul,

I let you.
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