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3d · 71
favorite circle
a quiet fire split my stomach,

igniting weary weeds where,

you used to comfortably breathe.

made sure your soul was soot,

before you took your leave.
guilt. lots of guilt.
Oct 11 · 58
day and age
michael cera Oct 11
reliving my life through a screen,

living my life with a drink,

losing when i want to scream.

sleeping and hoping for dreams.
Oct 10 · 54
michael cera Oct 10
hanging on to the year,

for a moment you were there,

but im too scared to breathe,

without you here.
Oct 9 · 29
some acceptance
michael cera Oct 9
crazy men bury words and thoughts,

create entire rooms.

cry in front of full moons.

i made it right,

without rhythm,

with some time.

i loved you when you were alive.
michael cera Oct 9
if i could be in bloom,

for you,

for just a second,

instead of soon.

besides a spinning room.

my choice would always be you.
Oct 5 · 51
the dark
michael cera Oct 5
i made a grain of sand,

my world for twelve months,

to tell myself,

I'm only young once.

my face was wet,

I placed my bets,

then every one i loved left.

thought i knew at least one thing,

every word i've never seen.

I'll love the dark,

until the light it brings.
Oct 4 · 47
for mother
michael cera Oct 4
slowly poisoned,

in love with the clouds,

sunny days that are loud,

wont seem so terrible now.

i love you,

but for once its allowed.

one day you'll miss this sound,

when i feel like I'm not around.
Oct 1 · 51
midnight bar
michael cera Oct 1
i'd live another life,

to not know who you are.

I'd trade your face,

for a midnight bar.

the kind that blacks out the stars,
Sep 26 · 106
michael cera Sep 26
nothing will hurt worse,

than what i did to you.

no self-consoling,

ever came through.

i decided,

i dont want to know the truth.

whatever love is,

or what made me hold onto you.

you're my ticket out,

one i wish I could lose.

like a place of transportation,

would ever appear in this room.

cage me for years and call it soon.

with nothing but myself to lose.
Sep 19 · 41
michael cera Sep 19
how do i send you to the clouds?

when your life was ran into ground?

does it even matter now?

i saw you once in town.

some day I'll turn you into nouns.

something like love,

or something less loud.
Sep 15 · 40
michael cera Sep 15
be bold as a flame,

I'll never see you again,

but I'll love you in a flicker.

like a moment i couldn't trick,

but you're my favorite,

among such unknown company.

but its there,

like you're not,

I'll spend eternity unraveling,

this knot.
michael cera Sep 13
the white of a door,

never felt lonelier,

than your face imprinted,

from a long lost sun.

for a year i carried each second.

like a wreck,

who knows nothing else.

i still dream you sober.

wishing you could come over,

for a minute, be a lover.

all my dreams are three-leafed,

always missing a clover.
Sep 11 · 48
michael cera Sep 11
i called you at a gas station,

running from feelings and friends,

so selfless but as scary as demons,

choosing shaking over reason.
michael cera Sep 10
i saw a street sign you hung onto,

i saw a smile you used to give,

before you stopped giving,

a flawless time i never saw.

i saw my life in ribbons,

when my drinking raced,

to the one you didnt exist.

I'd give anything to reinvent this.

a second chance,

you shouldnt give.
Sep 9 · 38
michael cera Sep 9
old friends lie,

waiting for me to die,

never looking in the eye.

like my mother in time,

i choose the coward side.

but my soul is only mine,

would you call it a crime,

if i wanted this life?
michael cera Sep 9
i used to feel each moment you felt.

a year flies by.

while i wait for the snow:

so fresh and unknown.

where i never heard your screams,

and I never felt your feelings.

every footprint at night,

could not record in that pure white.

I have lived, losing many lives,

even the ones that were mine.
Sep 9 · 29
to a mirror
michael cera Sep 9
i wish you were proud,

in line,

i see each soul,

that never turned around.

I've melted into the ground,

i feel some things that keep me loud.

god and alcohol arent allowed,

i pray my loss,

is something else i found.
Sep 7 · 328
michael cera Sep 7
silent knocks on my door,

i don't see you,

what did i adore

cigarettes in front of my door.

its horrifying,

silently sliding through another night.

crying and trying, I'm dye

ing to change each night before it.
michael cera Sep 6
i'd spend a lifetime,

tearing stars from the night,

just to recreate your life.
Sep 5 · 34
in one second
michael cera Sep 5
my hands wrap a moist canister,

I'll ignore your eyes,

and your life.

never was i further from the strife.

I found you floating in my dreams,

moments i was unable to believe.

for a second of you,

i would **** a large part of me.
Sep 3 · 38
leaving you
michael cera Sep 3
a few favorite words,

i wish i could have meant.

engraved thoughts,

a heart made of cement.

you sure made my knees swoon,

each time I said I'd love you soon.

now you're just a dozens drinks,

some things i wish I'd never seen.

I'll love you to death,

and never know what it means.

you'll always mean something to me.

I'll leave you just as soon,

as my heart will let itself beat.

I'll love you long,

until i cannot breathe.

i know that isnt promising,

as death and several alcoholic drinks.

I'll still love you with some words,

you wont ever see.
Sep 2 · 24
monuments of you
michael cera Sep 2

the horrendous ways,

i have climbed to forget you.

the more i forget,

the harder it is.

your soul sold with my own,

my life unknown

drag a voice inside the house,

that neither of us ever knew.
michael cera Sep 2
did you know the love of your life,

would turn you into liquid courage?

to make it through another night,

the kind that hid from both your eyes.

fast forward to the night i almost died,

all apart, you stood on the side,

to this day i dont know why.

i was less of a man,

and something like a circus ride,

that won't forget the time of our life,

to be shoved into a bitter rhyme.
Aug 31 · 44
years from now
michael cera Aug 31
the sun'll be higher than the moon,

my heart'll still be a monsoon,

but i'll promise myself,

i still love you.
michael cera Aug 28
i kept my favorite things,

from strangers, just to fall in love.

what is love,

but spiders that crawl across dust?

never knowing what's above,

only holding what they love?
Aug 28 · 27
looking glass
michael cera Aug 28
my pad is haunted by bottle glass,

awaiting harvest,

from their owner's happiness.

the cure is poison,

so they stand so obediently,

through soul-less days and nights,

waiting for their time.
Aug 26 · 26
michael cera Aug 26
i'd pour happiness,

if i knew how to hold it,

i'd give it to you,

breaking your neck,

replace it with mine.

pointless actions,

redeem my favorite friends.
Aug 24 · 39
for one night
michael cera Aug 24
i'm excluding your prescense,

writing black markers on heaven,

call demons all you want,

all I'm looking for is a good time.

and if i die in a dry grocery aisle,

know you're the only reason i cry,

not much else could keep me alive.
michael cera Aug 24
enough to watch me sink?

until i put away that ******* drink,

how i pour it in my mouth,

instead of a thirsty sink.

enough to tell you,

when i want to leave,

to see a better side of me?

your hands, I'll miss,

for just about eternity,

some day I'll turn in the keys,

call it life,

let it be.

until then I'll just bawl,

to nothing but a white wall,

wishing i couldnt wish at all.
michael cera Aug 22
how to fall in love with a stranger,

how to put my life in danger.

how to fist fight my neighbor,

to save my whole life for later.

to turn days,

into days I dont remember.

to turn four walls,

into things i don't want to remember.

how to love someone,

and never forget her.
Aug 22 · 334
my life in four lines
michael cera Aug 22
mourning in silence,

an empty room hears the sighs,

the popping bottles and crying,

a fully accepted way to die.
Aug 20 · 35
tell me to stop
michael cera Aug 20
tell me to stop,

like i promised i would.

i love you, i swear,

well, as much as i could.

you mean the whole world,

could you give me some space?

I've got some emotions,

and twelve buddies to chase.

this mirror is *****,

havent looked in a while,

if i glanced at it now,

all i'd see is your smile.

so calm all your demons,

swallow what hurts,

cause your life is a watch,

while your body just turns.
michael cera Aug 20
I'm lonely, and I've got a bit of time.

do you mind much if i hold your life,

for a second or a lifetime?

I'll squeeze you in the daylight,

even harder at night.

by the time i leave,

i'll leave your ego bruised,

and your skin ghost white.

then tomorrow, call it a good time,

for a second,

or a lifetime.
Aug 19 · 31
on your mind
michael cera Aug 19
am i still on your mind?

or just a shiver in your spine,

a stubborn cold coming for your life.

am i just another line in this rhyme,

that evaded your caring eyes.

would you believe it if i told you,

that i dont quite mind,

when i'll lose it all in time,

one day, wherever,

i'll wake up,

without this headache of mine.
michael cera Aug 17
a five-word saying,

that will never see the light of day.

as important as our month in may.

and every day after every day after,

i pray i rise to the rafters,

to see your face in laughter.

your soul, I'll always hope I capture,

in whatever kind of drunken after.
michael cera Aug 16
i hope i find a happier feeling,

than falling in love with you.
Aug 16 · 25
god instead
michael cera Aug 16
leaning over a bed,

we made love in.

throwing my life into carpet.

trying to grow something dead.

once, i loved you instead,

turned your light into lead.

then all the alcohol went to my head.

losing everything,

until i was weak enough,

to call god instead.

but i dont know him,

like i knew you.

in a lifetime,

i'll learn to know you.
Aug 13 · 94
michael cera Aug 13
i see what you dont see anymore,

all i know is the floor.

bury me and take a little more.

sell the things i adored.

married to a pretty floor.
Aug 11 · 26
god set me aside
michael cera Aug 11
just too ******* tired of trying,

life made me a drunk, lover, and liar.

jesus gave me a mean smile,

but god set me aside.
Aug 10 · 27
untitled 120
michael cera Aug 10
my eyes are blind,

while the foam reach my knees.

I'm cursed from the thought,

that my eyes couldn't see,

another time i couldnt be.

said i would've said one more,

just to feel the breeze.
Aug 9 · 38
addict dream
michael cera Aug 9
in time sobriety falls from the sky,

ill be more alive than a feeling in skin.

I'd probably cry when I knew when,

the rest of my life would begin.

but tonights not the same,

all the thoughts that I fight,

slowly fall in their flight

i'll be drunk until i feel alright.
Aug 9 · 51
laments of a loon
michael cera Aug 9
i've taken the breath,

quite out of this quiet room,

to think of someone who isnt you.

our sin buries love,

unswept by the broom.

waiting diagnosis,

to prove I'm a loon.
michael cera Aug 7
loved drink,

more than a loved one.

nothing as heartbreaking,

as one who could never love you.

i learned and lost,

and left a soul,

to have everything and lose.
michael cera Aug 7
i was a fool to keep you here,

longer than you ever could have been.

i was a fool in sin.

something sparked something.

one day it wasn't you.

passing out to stay true,

i learned to love a different tune.
Aug 7 · 27
to a talented artist
michael cera Aug 7
made great,

a great emotion,

that words could never show.

that helped me live a little longer.

blessed my foot with the snow,

that will always melt,

without a print to show.

for the moment I'll stare,

and learn to let go.
michael cera Aug 7
colors car-crash against my eyes,

roll them back,

into another pair of arms to call mine.

some call it love,

or something divine.

tonight, i'll call it luck,

a little part of my life.
Aug 6 · 40
some night
michael cera Aug 6
some night,

the stars aligned,

then tore you from my life.

i blamed the moon,

that lit your face each night.

shook fists that had no fight,

just an empty grip,

and a white light.
michael cera Aug 4
a morning moon clings to night,

holding on to one more time.

disregard the blinding light,

love me on this other side.

hold me while my fingers try,

to find just where your soul had died.
Aug 4 · 33
change your mind
michael cera Aug 4
i never would have changed,

left your trust in chains,

your pain will never leave me sane.

if the world was mine to change,

you would never hear my name.

I'd trade your love for all my pain.

I'd spare your tears to feel okay.
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