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i will show you all my words,

while my nerves grip my soul,

"seek away from" my addiction.

i will count the thoughts in your mind

forgetting all the times i tried,

to be someone golden in your eyes.

i will fall apart so naturally,

so i can feel amended,

so i can sleep at night,

so i can live my life,

the next time i'm in love.
michael cera Sep 11
i saw enough reality,

just to lose sight of my feet.

i don't know why,

what it means;

too numb to feel the grass.

or even your hand.

i wouldn't know you anyway,

removing my head,

piece by piece,

by each drink to my mouth.

but i still know how to hurt,

i still know how you were.

now i'm leaving the earth,

like a broken heaven navigator.
michael cera Sep 7
pathetic hands try to stop,

"but there is more to your loss"

there is more to be lost,

in these shackles i bought.

but this dream feels much better,

than any thing i ever have thought.
michael cera Sep 3
none know where it came,

and none will know that it left,

twenty-eight year old fire,

will blow its last amount of life.

it will bellow and cry,

craving shadows to fight,

finds nothing more than a starry sky.

shocked that stars still exist,

in such a mental abyss,

it will chase the things it missed.
michael cera Sep 1
when the sky falls,

can i follow the midnight,

where i am nothing,

but a drunk on lies and life,

finding itself with heartache,

desperately lacking the ways,

that loved ones have said,

"i don't love you anymore"
michael cera Aug 31
candy-caned straws,

carry me down a nightly drawl,

where i can draw you with sleight,

i forget you by sun.

where drinkers can sin to forget,

then forget the sin.

when the crazy can write,

without a single eye to spy,

this lonely island of mine,

where many have crossed or died.
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