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s o r i e a n o Feb 2017
what good is there to be an emotional being?
it's only gotten me in trouble to be feeling
these bad sentiments give me a hard time seeing
things don't get any better, but i keep dealing
rolling with the punches don't get any bit easy
i swear to god he has got to stop the teasing
one minute i'm fine, next i ain't breathing
all while i must act like i ain't sinking

and who's even listening?
those i tell don't believe me
but who's even listening?
though i yell, no one can hear me

god hears you, she says, crossing herself
i'm sure he does but what does that help?
still on thin ice, ready to melt
after it breaks, im forced to move on,
forget what i felt.

and who's even listening?
those i love only come when they need me
are you even listening?
an open book, but can you even read me?
s o r i e a n o Jan 2017
There’s no empathy from that I hold on to, I hope to stop hoping for help soon.
I’m not helpless, just paid less, no attention goes to a screaming silence.

I’m letting it all go soon. Would be surprised if they ask, where did she go to?
Lost sleep last night to my empty bedroom.
The sad faces I drew on my walls won’t even stay blue.

I cant feel worth as much as I know.
I miss my favorite things and yet I won’t, do the things to bring me to smile, and feel whole?

I only do things that bring me to tears, like this **** I wrote.
s o r i e a n o Nov 2016
when you say you wanna heal broken people, I tend to reveal a broken sequel
I'm usually doing fine until i remember of what I've been through
and I still cant let myself cry in front of you.
just feel jaded, numb, wishing I was gone.
But these are the facts I stick to:

I never had something this good, my heart races at every view
When things get a little shaky, my mind thinks "too good to be true"
It's what I'm used to, I've lost what I'm close to
I've never lost hope, but I feel like I'm supposed to
Im in deep waters, regardless if i chose to
going to feel it hard, like I overdosed you
When it's too much, I'd always excuse you.
But you chose to stay when I don't expect you.
"A sequel draft" is the actual title
s o r i e a n o Sep 2016
I panic internally at the thought of being seen. Not the light I'm afraid of, it's not being believed. hard to love, that's been accepted. That's for not being accepted; by the folks who claim to love you, you'd think it'd be expected.
I didn't know conditions come with it. Love got so tough, I broke apart and left it.

Hard life lessons learned so young, but thick skin kept it together. I cried the dark, it seemed, if no one sees, it'd be better. And yet, here you come along, with plenty of effort. Upon hearing she can't feel strong, you say "let her."

Never been afforded sensitivity; I can't trust myself in vulnerability. The heart sinking feelings comes with my inactivity and there's no credibility when it comes to my mentality, my mental reality.
And all I ask from you is to believe me. Only then will t be okay for you to see me. Only then will I be able to open up to you easily. You'll not have to deal with me closing and leaving.

Hard life lessons learned so young, but thick skin grows in pressure. I only cried the dark cuz if no one sees, it's be better. And yet, here you came along, you've made the effort: to remind her it's okay to feel strong, she is treasure.
s o r i e a n o Aug 2016
if only you can see it from every angle, every side
where am i allowed to be myself?
only in my words and where i write
it seems like what i was, am doesn't deserve life
i pondered what to do with my struggle every night
help me god, i prayed, help me survive
i was told im too weird to live, but i didn't want to die
i couldnt change my kind no matter how often i tried
you swear this is living, having to hide?
expected to hold on, yet left alone to fight
i hate my oppressors, yet i'm told to be kind
s o r i e a n o Jun 2016
maybe i should sleep, my thoughts too quick
running from left to right, i think ima be sick
and my feelings too deep, tryna come out
but in struggling to set my self straight
i write ton of **** i dont know about

i dont know myself, at least like most hear
maybe ive changed too much in the last year
someone new came in since i started here
so i think of staring at myself all night
til i gain the knowledge, lose the fear

someone else wont take over for me
i dont think ive yet set myself free
and up to now, ive let others lead
but its no longer how i want it to be

in the meantime, maybe i should sleep
and when sunrise comes, ill start to think
things will be much different from now on
in light, all uncertainty will then be gone.
s o r i e a n o Jun 2016
here's the sack of honesty that you needed to hear…

your corny texts wont save you now that we’re here

you can list the ways you ****** up without me near

cuz im done having waited for you for over a year.

and no i dont regret a thing, some fun was there
you mattered then and now i really do not care
if you miss me now, i admire your feelings of despair

if you’re feeling lonely, you'll have to look elsewhere
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