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 Aug 2019 Sophie
 Aug 2019 Sophie
we're all a li'l afraid of vague emotions
being insecure of ourselves
we're sure of our doubts and blues
jealous of seeing people being real

the only weapon we have is our intuitions
and our only protection is silence
 Jun 2018 Sophie
Hair whips wild,
fingers hang out the window
and mimic the curves of
these country roads.
Sunbeams on the leather seats.
Sometimes prayers come in the form
of favorite songs belted unashamed;
the radio, our savior.
And in this moment
you’ve never felt more alive.
Downhill doesn’t always
have to be a bad thing.
sometimes it’s a place
where the load
doesn’t feel as heavy --
momentum to get back up
and keep going.
 Jun 2018 Sophie
Lindsey Graham
She has been my friend
Since fourth grade
In sophomore year
It died out
A long lasting friendship
Turned to ashes
But now I took the step
I talked to her first
And now
We are reunited
In friendship.
 Jun 2018 Sophie
Benjamin Adams
I grasp fading shadows
in the remnants of lost suns.
 Jun 2018 Sophie
Silver Dye
pearls dust
crinkly brown leaves
leaving them soft
and vulnerable
whispers ruffle their
threatening to
tear them from their limbs
do not be afraid,
a kind whisper
in the heat
under their cool touch
one by one
they slide down
one snap,
a flurry of oranges and browns and reds
and then nothing,
only naked trees shiver
 Jun 2018 Sophie
I saw you in winter,
and thought of tree branches feathered by starlight in poorly lit neighborhoods. A hearth where the more honest parts of myself, I am bared fetal, warmed upon, welcomed.

I saw you in spring,
and thought of long drives in the countryside in the rain. Ice cream melting from our chins dancing petrichor upon our toes, kissing by the sea shore.

I saw you in summer,
and thought of sleepy boathouses, uncovering ancient childhood treasures in the woods. A secret lake somewhere, the sky's reflection in promise. Windy hilltops upon which to blame each other for the sunrise.

I saw you in autumn,
and thought of scarfs and cafes, city streets and sunsets where we watched each others breath escape. Apartment staircases where windchill hibernates, the world slowing down around us from your window.

The first time I saw You, I thought to myself, "I could live there."
 May 2018 Sophie
she dired her tears and did smile
to see her cheeks’ returning glow
how little dreaming all the while
that full heart throbbed to overflow

with that sweet look and lively tone
and bright eye shining all the day
they could not guess midnight lone
how she would weep the time away

— J.C
 May 2018 Sophie
Too drunk!
 May 2018 Sophie
***** ........ From Prophetic .... to Poetic .... to Apathetic .... to Pathetic Drunk .... to too drunk.
I've just put three poems on for my first publication!
I'm really not a drunk. It was an exercise my friend and I came up with.
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