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Sophie Mitchell Mar 2014
a hummingbird’s wings can move
up to 200 times in one second

in every desert and beach in the world,
there are seven quintillion, five hundred quadrillion grains of sand

our universe is likely to contain
more than 100 billion galaxies,
each of those galaxies is likely to contain
more than 100 billion stars

now, i’m not religious,
but i think the utter grandeur of these figures
were plucked from the universe
by a hand so clearly divine
and then dropped somewhere between
the curve of your lip
and the small of your back

i think this higher power
somehow garnered anything that would leave
the rest of us awestruck
and embedded them in your being,
carefully lacing your dna
strand by strand

now, i’m not religious,
but ******* do i really stop
and wonder why i’m not
when i look at you
Sophie Mitchell Mar 2014
i think my pillows
sigh with relief
when i finally get off them
for the day

i think my pillows
(neck-deep in tears)
ask my blankets
for inflatable floaties

i wonder if while i’m gone
my pillows talk
to my books and posters
about how tired and frail
my body has become

because on the day you left
i think my broken heart
took the key to my happiness
and threw it in the open ocean
for only the fish to find

i sure as hell
can’t find it these days
Sophie Mitchell Mar 2014
you are fresh air
in the thick fog
i feel like i am living
in san francisco

you are every star
in the expanding universe
you are more
than my milk way

you are my new grass
you are my moving oceans
you are all the things
that are beautiful
Sophie Mitchell Mar 2014
your eloquent whispers
and intoxicating hymns
are just as beautiful
and are just as delicious
to both of my ears
as your breathy syllables
and slurred phrases

**** the rhetoric
in your words and voice
Sophie Mitchell Mar 2014
“she said,
‘almond colored sheets
are the best
for dreaming.’”

well, my sheets aren’t almond
but i did tend to dream
when you were lying
right next to me
Sophie Mitchell Mar 2014
the fading bruise
on my third knuckle
happens to be
the same hue
as your lips.

it looks
almost as if
you pressed your mouth
against it
once again.

god, i wish
that were the case.
Sophie Mitchell Mar 2014
engrossing myself
in every
of your being,
i was
on learning
the miles
and miles
of ridges and lines
covering your
and palms
as if
i already knew
it would not be
too long before
those same fingertips
would be
of my
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