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sophia Aug 2018
I connect the freckles on her face

****** constellations

To see my daily horoscope
sophia Aug 2018
The morning birds sing to the rythm of her soft heart beat under sky
blue sheets

Warm air exerts from each nostril along with a yawn from her
baby doll lips

Gold framed women in paintings above her drop forward
over the headframe
in envy of her glamour

And the sun gleams against her cheek bones creating a halo around what already is an angel
sophia Mar 2018
the birds are nesting
underneath my air conditioner
that hangs too far out the window
and drops water on
people walking

the grass is wet
and brown but i can see
hints of springs first
flowers blooming

my body isn't aching
that much anymore
but my head is still foggy

the air doesn't smell sweet yet

UV levels are still low

spring is still a far way

to go i guess
sophia Mar 2018
I want to live in the gaps between your teeth
and dance around your tongue
as you sing me the sweet, sweet song of love
I want to sleep on your fuzzy chest and wear
headphones connected to your heart
I want to live in your brain and control when you ****
sophia Mar 2018
You're a good conversation
through an old kitchen phone
that wraps around my doorway
and rests on my shoulder
so long my neck starts to cramp
and I switch it over
sophia Sep 2017
Dear Daddy,
Do you know what these men say to me?

With their
eyes and their mouths
when I walk on the street.

With a grin and a nod
and a look up and down.
A wink and a kiss
and a cat call heard from downtown.

With my skirt short
and my top
It’s a cold world daddy
and no
doesn’t mean no.

Daddy do you know
how these men look at me?

Like I’m a piece of meat
strutting down the street?
With my head buds in
and my favorite song on.

I’m asking for it Daddy,
I’m in the wrong.

Do you know how it feels
not to wear what I like?

To walk a little faster
when I’m alone at night?

Daddy the world is my predator
and I am it's doe,
Daddy what happens
when I can’t say no?
sophia Aug 2017
fall in love
with the one who reminds you of your favorite candy
who paints your depressed
clouded mind all the colors of the sky

be immersed in the beauty
you can't seem to find on your own
laugh in melodies
that clog your ears of the voice inside
telling you to hide

fall in love
with the one who gives you a meaning
who covers your world in flowers
and helps you grow

the one who sews the wings of the most beautiful butterfly into your broken back
to let you see the universe
from up above

but alas,
the only person we can love enough  
the only person whom can give this all to us
is ourselves
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