I know you look for me in a crowd, hoping to see my face, against all odds. I know you think of me, hoping the thoughts will go away, but they won’t. I know you still love me, I mean I hope you still love me, against all odds, I won’t go away, do you still love me?

  Jul 31 sommerlawrence

You're like smoke.
You take my breath away
You numb the ache
But i can't hold you
I don't want to let you go
But I'm not holding on
If you'd rather be gone
Like smoke on a midnight breeze
Darling, won't you stay?

Ramblings because I am a fuck
  Jul 26 sommerlawrence

I used to disagree
With Frost
I believed that ice would be our end
But you have kindled me
Heap of ashes that i am
And now. I know
Because I feel desire
That my world will end
In fire
Because my world ends
With you.


My stomach grumbling though my hand shall not reach my plate, I've let my self go backwards I don't know how to get out of this state. I want to be bones living or dead ill get there because the voices don't leave my head.

I never thought i'd miss you like this
We were just kids
That's the thing about the present
You only appreciate it when it's your past

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