I think I could listen to you all day, your voice is like my favourite song, ill play it on repeat. It makes me want to dance, I can't stop my feet. Ill listen to it in my head, to make me smile just once more before I go to bed. My cheeks hurt since knowing you, but you'll leave soon, I know you're going to. I wont grow fond of the laughter and the pain for I will be replaced and have to begin again.

sometimes pain can be good.

i really hate this but whatever

I want, to run away
Come take me
We'll live
On kisses, and cigarettes, and gin
On Jack and coke
And the heat of one another
We'll wear down our soles
And build up our souls
We'll drive all through the night
To make love at sunrise
And I will dismiss
All the books and the songs
That taught me to love
They got it all wrong
I'll see you're not perfect
You'll see all my flaws
But we'll work it all out
Love each other more

So I'll get the train
To wherever you're at
And we'll start our journey
We'll never look back
It won't be easy
It might even hurt
But it's worth it i swear
We can own the world
Leave our bootprint
And a memory too
On all of the places
I'll now share with you
When we get old
We'll look back with a laugh
Life offered a sip
Darling, we drained the damn glass
So let's get started, I'm on my way
And we'll only look back, when we're far away

6 in the morning, smoke in hand nothing new, but for once all I can think of is you. Giving my self to you, all of me. I want you to know every inch of my skin just as if it is your own.
I belong to you now, in every way that there is.
Take my body and play it like an instrument, make me sing for you,
the song only you get to hear.

7 in the morning, my hand begins to wander my body like the keys of a piano ,though my mind stuck on the thought of how your fingers can play.
I almost feel the vibrations pulsating through my veins.
my back arches like the edge of a violin as I dig my nails
into the sheets.

My mind
My soul
Every part of me
Filled with desire
For every part of you

While my legs are
around your body
& our lips pressed together.
This is when you
put me on the wall,
as if I'm a painting
you've been dying to display.

A madness of touch
Skin, on skin
Lips, on every inch of you
Devouring you
Looking at you
Awe, undisguised
No mask or falsehood, I wear
In all my fumbling uncertainty
I am led, by my own passion
The heat of you beneath me
The taste of you on my tongue
I want to press closer
Make up for all the time before
This moment, every moment
My skin and yours were not
In contact, concert
Our movements, a dance
Our mingled moans, a song
It feels like we're birds
Denied to sing, until this moment
And I never want our little, finite
Infinity, to end

Can i go back in time
And live again?
This time with my eyes open

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