standing under the light of the moon, I wished the moment wouldn’t finish so soon. all good things come to an end, or you would still be here my friend. kisses so soft and shy ill always wonder how we said goodbye. the dreaded night I watched you go, my serotonin has never been so low.
the flashbacks to when I forgot how to treat you right are a living nightmare. I scream and shout your name I still see you everywhere. I won’t forget the actions that led to you walking out the door, I tell myself it won’t be that way this time we’ve done it the wrong way before. i’ve felt the pain of watching her leave and love someone else, you can’t be without me you said it yourself. Those who are meant to be find eachother right? at least that’s what I tell myself to help me sleep at night.
I take a hard look at myself everyday and never like what I see, my veiny blue skin always feels icy cold yet I'm sweating because my heart beats so fast everytime I think of you, but I can't tell if it's because I want you to come home or if the panic that you've left sets in
they say we’re a piece of TNT lit from both ends moving too fast

they don’t know that I would throw myself into an explosion if it meant I could be with you again.
I trace the curve of her spine like the edge of a smashed plate, not because she is damaged because she is not, though she is fragile after being dropped so many times
I got rid of the old me like a tarantula shedding it’s skin, i’m crawling back to you, but this time i’m hoping we don’t get caught like a fly in the webb she created
alcohol bottles flood the room where we used to lay
because you took hold of my heart and said you would stay.
I don’t know if it was the blue in your eyes, but I believed every word
I mean I’m not sure why, really its absurd.

It didn’t last long till I did see, what kind of woman
you would make of me.
All the lies you told me, I repeated in my head
Tossing and turning every night in bed.
watching you lie there, asleep or awake you did it so well.
I didn’t realise all the hurt you could cause me before I fell.
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