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my heart burned
oh it burned
a candle set aflame  
a bright light of gold
warm and full of life

but with no one to love it
and keep it alive
that fire died
and the world turned dark
and my heart turned cold

-you blew out my candle to wish for someone else’s heart
im so frustrated at myself for being depressed, why can’t i just be okay for once not even happy just okay.
With words...
my heaven within your eyes...
became my hell

©  2019 Jim Davis
i write

what i feel

and write

at this moment

i feel nothing
how do you live
with past memories lurking around?
am i too young to be deceived
that hearts beat the same sound?
some people
can play with your heart
over and over again—
only if you let them.
deafening silence
the hallway of tricky love
retains an abyss
my first haiku :-)) yayy
mother, i'll be home—
am i going to make it
with blood dripping down?

do witches fall in love at witching hour?

song: baby don't cut (acoustic) - bmike
here i am,
writing poems full of love,
for someone who’s not reading.
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