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A pin on a globe

Listening to the eery whispers of the world

Hiding from the acquainted aches

The pin falls

It is lost

In its own world

A world of pain

Dished up, slapped into the palm of their hands

Underneath the slab of guilt

The pin, which was once secured on the globe

Is found trembling

Amy Dedman Feb 9
losing track of something so simple
evaporating through my fingers
and hiding beneath the blades of grass
i call for it, but it only lingers

being chased by the unknown
it has just smashed a glass
purposefully rupturing all that is divine
pieces shatter everywhere, at last

veins ache for release
pulling at the heart
tugging at the long string of fear
sickened by the lack of escape,
so unclear

can you help sew my skin together
stitch it back to normality
glue on a new pair of eyes
because my old ones are lost amongst my cries
Amy Dedman Jan 31
take in the substance
fear diluted with worry
inhale, swallow or inject
listen to the footsteps dancing in your mind
dancing to the familiar beat of angst
pumping around your veins
instigating a sudden panic

racing thoughts
winning the battle
against your attempt of control

laughing at your sorrowful expression  
they’ve won
you say over and over
they’ve won

steps feel like leaps
walking feels like sprinting
your world develops a dark demeanour
laughter becomes extinct
and grief defeats another dreamer
Amy Dedman Jan 31
c utting
o pen wounds
n umbing
q uickly
u ltimately
e nding the
r espiratory system
e levating the chances of
d eath
Amy Dedman Jan 31
it's back
i thought they were gone for good
this is tearing me apart

when i drive
when i have a moment of peace

i'm tormented by the flashback

mind switches to a vision
a vision of your face

mind switches to feeling
feeling what i felt before

and in seconds, my eyes,
fill to the brim
with tears
of pain
  Jan 31 Amy Dedman
Kafka Joint
Every day I get up
To go into myself,
Getting lost there,
And finally giving up,
To begin tomorrow
From the start.
Amy Dedman Jan 23
nifty little brain
bringing a world of pain
world so complete
but pierces me with defeat
pierces through my heart
intentionally sharp
wearing a mask so sheer
so i only feel fear

developing a cycle
bravery is just an option
dangling off the cliff
cliff of gloom
if i fall
my future is doomed
future no more
so i hold bravery at my core

i only have the strength to cling on
that’s enough
for now,
for me,
until i’m gone
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