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Gold May 2017
you turned me down
told me i was only a friend
nothing more
nothing less
i interpreted the signs wrong

am i really a friend to you?

i pushed myself
to that ledge
i was freefalling
enjoying the fall
knowing you'll catch me

but you didn't

you broke me
just your mere touch shattered
my fragile front
didn't even bothered
to pick my pieces

if there's no you then who will?

im not a natural english speaker, so forgive my limited vocabulary and frequent grammatical errors (btw thanks for reading this piece!!)
Gold May 2017
you need not shed any tear
for you are wonderful
stop procrastinating
you are not a failure
never ask another what if
'cause you hold a lot of possibilities
your scars prove
that you survived
and was here with us
for a purpose

Gold May 2017
what did i do
i have totally gone nuts
this must be a mistake
it must be
or maybe not

Gold May 2017
on the ground

in the air


spiked and shared

im still minor
but i couldnt care less

Gold May 2017
i rather not look at it
for i will be lost
those orbs seem like
it can take one's life
ive learnt my lesson
and that is
never to look at
my own reflection

Gold May 2017
stuck in a room
with you by my side
but inside your mind
was not me
but her
Gold May 2017
hey it was nice seeing you

i hope there wont be a next time
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