sunflower May 11

i am fascinated by the human emotional spectrum.

when i see the humorous glint in their eyes,
the pale skin due to heart-wrenching horror,
or the fire they seem to hold in between their closed fists
i am once again reminded that humans,
though extremely fragile,
have the power to penetrate from within the viewfinder.

sunflower May 11

maybe it was in the way you laughed
and moved
and spoke
that made me realize
i would've done
better than this.

sometimes, settling for what's beautiful just isn't right.
sunflower May 6

i've been living my tomorrows
all my life
that i forget
that today still has its hours.

because that is what i forget to do
sunflower May 6

when the rare occurence
of shooting stars gliding along the clouds
and the dark blue-black of the night,
my only wish is for that star
to bring my heart closer to yours
in hopes that
i could return the happiness
that you have given me.

sunflower May 1

of all the light the world has ever touched,
she was the one that was always missed.

she embodies the life of a true star,
one that shines for millions of years
and billions of miles away.

for kyw.
sunflower Apr 18

we run and run
through the spotlights
under the street lamps
and the trials of what is yet to come.

you and i have gone a long way:
you were there when the girl who
first stole my heart
had shared a milkshake on
red leather seats,
and when the same girl left
without me
after paying her bill.

the night is young,
our neighbors are nowhere but in the land
that their heads paint as they sleep;
you and i become artists of the sidewalks and
the rough concrete.

we leave our mark.

"long live the thieves of the street."

inspired by "first love that came to be in diners and friendship that thrived on the streets"
sunflower Apr 5

this boy, they say,
contained specks of stardust in his eyes.

he has an infinite potential;
just like the sun,
he starts the day with gentle light
and a warmth that no other human
can ever posses.

i often wonder if he ever feels alone,
if he ever feels troubled,
if he ever misses his home.

not once did i see a fraction of sadness
and sorrow
in his sunrise eyes.

i hope he knows
that he can give the world so much
more than he can think of.

i hope the cameras don't take away
the transparency of his innocent heart.

because the light can only shine the brightest when it's dark.
happy birthday, mingyu.
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