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To sit right there, next to her, I’d wish.
Time would fade away in unimportance
The pain of the past would silently vanish
We’d sluggishly fall in a delightful romance.

If  you’re unsure , i’ll take your hand into mine , clumsy Cinderella.
If it’s raining with tears,let my hug become your umbrella.
The timid drop of sadness in her crystal eyes
The cusp of her shivering,inviting lips ...time flies
away,as the naughty desire swiftly increases,
"You’ve been diagnosed with one of the sweetest diseases."

The life wasn’t easy,but I had two pretty dolls.
They gave me  the strength.Their love was so true.
But you’re delicately lowering your eyelids.
Disappointed by yesterday,who caressed you?

You’be been for so long only you and yourself.

You grew a hard shield.The past would not yield
The thoughts aren’t yours.And it’s been hours
Of sadness, like an suffering angel with wings made of lead.
Yet I’m here with you ,ready to plead :

„I’m not going anywhere,I won’t be a shadow of yesterday.
I came for your forsaken child,I want to hang out and play.”
Under the standard of fortune
Stands the soldier alone.
The sun is hiding over the dune.
The winds of change are blowing....
he is cold as a stone.

Tormented by the  past
He tries to break the ties
The bitterness away he casts
The demon of sadness
crawls back inside him.

— The End —