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 Jul 2020 Light House
You ignored my words
Never asked about my dreams
You weighed me down
Until I busted at the seams

I threatened to leave
I lingered far too long
You thought id never go
You were so wrong

I gave you more than enough
I gave you all of me
I sacrificed my love
Including my sanity

When I left, I knew it was right
I belong here for the first time in my life.
 Jul 2020 Light House
This place has a red sky
The air is bone dry
And there's no one nearby

I found a cursed bird who couldn't fly
His wings broken by a passer by
He sang a lullaby, a war cry
A warning of an evil eye

I heard a piercing outcry
A familiar sound I've come by
Yet, I could not identify

I chased the cry
Along the horizon of the sky
Until the sound began to intensify
At an old house I had come by,
A place I dare not glorify

And there, I found the guy
My blood began to solidify
Because it was I,
The evil eye!
 Jul 2020 Light House
Erin Riley
to bring
my dreams
with me
when I
wake up.
 Mar 2020 Light House
Yeah. Ive been away awhile.
I prefer the quiet shadows of the ungraced.
I also prefer decent poetry.
Of which, this site is apparently lacking as of late. This mockery,
This "teen angst"
hurts my head to read.
I once drew inspiration from the lovely poets that were once here.
Breathed every beautiful word as oxygen.
my very eyes hurt.
Fix, Pagan Paul, Ghost of Jupiter, Josh, Mary Magnolia, Sidd. Where are you? I didn't mean thus to trend. Matter of fact, I'd rather it not. Well ****.
 Mar 2020 Light House
We all ache.
For things far out of reach.
Short sentences.
Things pushed and borrowed.
Things plunged upon by heavy, heaving chests.
But I,
believe in fairies.
Insane as my wicked thoughts are,
I ache too.
This was all I had. Lovely words that were shared as food at a lost since past Sunday Dinner at Church. Thank you all any way. And I loved you still as fog upon a spring pond before the Tennessee cows dipped. Really, I did.
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