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Apr 2012 · 3.0k
Sohinee Apr 2012
Coarse and rough,pure and true

You are my angel of a nascent hue

Far away the rain clouds lay

Begging to meet my angel each day!

You are shy,veiled in a shroud,you are

Cozy,warm and safe with your lover,the Star

You say,you forgot me,so soon,I hear?

Is it because behind your back I disappeared?

I thought without me,you'd be in gloom

Remember,how,in your soundless cacophony,I swooned?

You ignited my heart,gave life to me

In your sandy storms,you entwined me,to set me free

I roamed,in love with you,in old directions,anew

Now,the storms are raging,the knights banter and look for you

Stay back,my angel,shy,behind the rocks where you grew

Let the thunder clouds darken around you

Protect your lovers,like and me and some others,few

Illusive and Elusive,you play games with me

Cajoling my feelings,and bringing me down to my knees

****** and lascivious,you don't disappoint

My savior,my sins and sorrows,you anoint

Winds of insanity rove around you,my eyes they enter

I cry,it's sand,worthless to all but me,soft and tender

I can't go on quenched of thirst and thought

I fall broken,crushed,will I be besought?

Care for the others,with you,I left,please

My guardian,my desert,hide forever with me in the shadow of bliss.

— The End —