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I'm lost inside a labyrinth,
With its ever changing paths.
One minute you're near escaping,
The next it's altered all again.
A never ending nightmare
Thinking it knows what's best for you,
But it's lies are imbedded deep within
And there's nothing more that you can do.

My mind is like a tornado,
Destroying everything in its path.
One day I'm simply surviving
The next, I wish I was dying.
I'm terrified of my mind
For I fear it can make me do.
Self-destructive, hypocrite of pain and love
Beckoning me to hurt once more because that's all I deserve.
 Apr 3 shay
There is such
loneliness in
my heart, and
it consumes me
each deathly night

Weeping I laid
and waited for
the tears to dry,
but they remained
on my face like
a wound that
won’t seem to heal
About last night.
 Apr 3 shay
Gray Dawson
I cried out beautiful anxiety
It’s a pity you heard
You took me in
I might be more trouble than I’m worth
You saw the monsters in me
You looked past it
You saw the dimmed light
And sought to make it shine
 Apr 3 shay
There are monsters crawling up my back.
Sit up straight, cut off the slack!
You never hear their whispering buzz,
Their silent bites. They don’t know ‘enough’.

Do you ever wonder what they speak?
Why do they stay behind where you can’t see?
Do you know how they survive?
These people say “they’re in your mind.”

That would be funny, don’t you agree?
If they were on my back and under seams.
Crawling up my spine behind my eyes
Nibbling away on nerves at night.

There are monsters crawling up my back.
Don’t look away, they might attack.
Scuttering from sight just as you move.
Luckily, there’s nothing you could lose.
 Apr 3 shay
All the memories
moments I’ve had
are all fading to black
exchanged for sadness
and slowly forgotten
 Apr 3 shay
 Apr 3 shay
tw self harm

Blood all over
I’m glad
I’m content
It’s only right when I’m wounded
Relapse was inevitable
I don’t even feel guilty...
I just want more....
 Apr 3 shay
Felicity Paris
will I ever be okay
when you break me down
and apologize insincerely
when I can't hold back my tears
and my eyes swell with sadness
when my pain is so relentless
I tire and break faster than each time before

will I ever be okay
or am I trapped like this?
cursed with this?
broken by this?
 Apr 2 shay
bess goldstein
I know the lingerie is meant to be taken off, but
my nakedness makes my eyes dart quick and
count every hair on my skin.
picking scabs turns into scars that
I have yet to tell you about.
without permission, I close my eyes
as you love me in the dark and
I wonder if you’re counting too.
scared of showing my torn skin
 Apr 2 shay
Luisa C
they come in the night
whispering, crackling voices
in my mind
hissing, cracking through the surface
when out are the lights
they come in shapes and sizes
and voodoo dance before my eyes
cackling, lurking
in my mind.
they come in the night.
 Apr 2 shay
Jason Adriel
tonight i am plagued
with self doubt
and anxiety

i want to exist
for you

with you

but love's become
an impossibility

life's become
an impossibility

because of me.

because of me.
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