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  Apr 3 shay
Felicity Paris
will I ever be okay
when you break me down
and apologize insincerely
when I can't hold back my tears
and my eyes swell with sadness
when my pain is so relentless
I tire and break faster than each time before

will I ever be okay
or am I trapped like this?
cursed with this?
broken by this?
  Apr 2 shay
bess goldstein
I know the lingerie is meant to be taken off, but
my nakedness makes my eyes dart quick and
count every hair on my skin.
picking scabs turns into scars that
I have yet to tell you about.
without permission, I close my eyes
as you love me in the dark and
I wonder if you’re counting too.
scared of showing my torn skin
  Apr 2 shay
Luisa C
they come in the night
whispering, crackling voices
in my mind
hissing, cracking through the surface
when out are the lights
they come in shapes and sizes
and voodoo dance before my eyes
cackling, lurking
in my mind.
they come in the night.
  Apr 2 shay
Jason Adriel
tonight i am plagued
with self doubt
and anxiety

i want to exist
for you

with you

but love's become
an impossibility

life's become
an impossibility

because of me.

because of me.
  Apr 2 shay
it hits at weird time

it got fuzzy sometime after nine

time is moving really slow
it’s been midnight for the last two hours

i feel like i’m in a different dimension

i’m lonely
but i feel like someone’s watching me
  Apr 2 shay
tell me how
the most broken
beaten down
torn up
stripped to the flesh

could ever get back up
brush off the dirt
and carry on
like nothing ever
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