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sophie Jan 2021
stars are perhaps the most magical thing of all
in her otherwise unmagical world

constellations steal her breath away
as they sweep across the sky
in a never ending rotation

she sits on the patio on her roof
to do so
she sneaks out at one in the morning
and tiptoes up a metal spiral staircase
outside her house

she lays down
and looks at the stars in the clear night sky
there is no pollution down at that private shore
and she is the only one up and out
at the time in that place

it is only her
and the stars
sophie Jan 2021
her eyes her eyes her eyes
are exquisitely annoying
what she would do to have that gone
and it is a rash and she is acting rashly
but she hates it and it keeps going on
her eyes her eyes her eyes
written while having health issues regarding my skin (especially near the eyes)
sophie Jan 2021
my heart walks the fine, grey line
that hovers between platonic and romantic
feelings for her
or him
probably her

you are so so very incredible
and i continue to trip and fall as i attempt
to balance myself on the fine, grey line

i am so so very confused
as you are my everything
and i feel like nothing when i am not with you

what line is there?
sophie Jan 2021
she has played many instruments in her lifetime
first was piano
then the viol
then viola
then cello

then guitar

guitar was eye opening

each string was a strong reassurance
every chord was a kiss on the cheek

guitar was the quiet embrace

of two long lost friends

finally finding each other again
sophie Jan 2021
her eyes are crochet pillows upon a peach couch
that is subsequently her face
red and puffy and not very comfortable

there are only two blues;
her irises
and the gloom that she feels every day

are you ok?
what happened?
people ask as they pass her on the street

she says
im allergic to something
she adds

they ask

she do not know

though she has the inkling of an idea
that she is in fact
allergic to unwanted attention
sophie Jan 2021
sores and aches decorate her body like
christmas lights and tinsel and mistletoe

a red light on her shoulder
green lighting up her stomach
and rudolf has no red nose
but red eyes

and rudolf hates himself
a lot

she is rudolf
the red eyed

she cries snowflakes
and blankets the land
with pillars of ice and snow
made of tears

merry christmas
written christmas  2018
sophie Jan 2021
she plays soccer

her coach is flamboyant
and loud
and nice
and she feels

so so very small
even though she is goalie
and has big feet
and spidery hands

she faces a lot of doubt
in goal
at home
on the court where she practices

is she valued?
is she liked?
do people think she’s ok?
does it matter?
social anxiety.
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