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Mar 15 · 268
Rowan Hunter Mar 15
I'm lost
In a wonderland a world I’ll never remember where I'm going or the way home.
The mad hatter laughs at my scrunched up face and the cat smiles pierce my skin.
That slimy smile that greatest laugh, I'm lost in wonderland, could I be lost with you.
But no your in neverland flying in the sky fighting pirates flirting with mermaids I think I’ll go and hide cuz the queen is searching for my head and I’m close to being dead. But tweedle dee and tweedle dum har far for my sight searching for the rabbit who is all shades a white. But white has left this place and all I see is read until the queen with finding me and sure will have my head.
Rowan Hunter Mar 6
Somebody that I used to know
I look in the mirror and see Somebody,
Somebody that I used to know.
they stare at me
her hair parted and flowing to her shoulders
her skin not yet scared by the world.
but she is crying
begging to be free earning to be her

— The End —