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Autumn Apr 26
As I was falling asleep
I opened my eyes

And suddenly it felt like the darkness
Was encroaching on me

Threatening to swallow me whole

I couldn’t breathe
I couldn’t think
i thought i was going to drown
Autumn Mar 29
I can feel anxiety gripping my stomach

Clawing it’s way into my chest cavity

I can’t breathe
Autumn Jan 28
My body doesn’t feel like my own
It feels as foreign as the forest
Empty and quiet
Unsure of the way back home

My conscious feels distorted
Warped beyond my belief
Balancing on my frontal lobe
Threatening to fall

My limbs feel like tattered branches
Clinging desperately to the trunk
Only the bark is so thin and frail
That it can barely support even itself

I am not myself anymore
i don’t feel like myself lately
Autumn Dec 2018
I can’t stop thinking about you

About the way you laugh

The way you squeal at the sight of fuzzy kittens

Or the way your cheeks dimple when you smile

You’re always on my mind

You were the light at the end of the hall

Assuring me that no matter how dark my days will be

You’ll be there to shine on them

But you don’t really feel the same, do you?

Not anymore, at least

I think our sparked died out

Flickered from our existence

But I still can’t stop thinking about you

Even though I know you’re not thinking about me
missing people *****
Autumn Dec 2018
Hands trembling

Heart beating like a butterfly on chipped wings

Quick, erratic

Knowing that soon they will give out

And eventually your pulse will too

Slow, steady

Your love gave way to bitterness

The same way my happiness gave way to melancholy

Harsh, unforgiving

Your feelings crumbled and caved

But I still miss you
moving on is important but it's so, so hard
Autumn Dec 2018
I had told myself

You will never be enough

Until it was true
why is all my poetry so sad? why am i so sad???
Autumn Dec 2018
    have learned that depression knows no bounds,
     let it get too close. You can never
     just when it will sweep you off your feet next, or
    it will take away from you.
    have learned from experience that I
    simply a tourist in my own head.
i don't know who i am
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