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  Apr 2016 Snowrose
you float among waves
i float among stars
show me the oceans
i'll take you to mars
we can follow the sunset
because this world is ours
in a wave of emotion
we'll forget about scars
i'll show you my mind
though it is quite bizarre
i'll hold on to your words
like fireflies in a jar
  Apr 2016 Snowrose
a e s t h e t e
didn't your mother
warn you, soft kisses come with  
*e m p t y  promises
  Sep 2015 Snowrose
When will I become a Disney Princess? 
I've done everything, I've worn dresses
When will I get my happily ever after? 
Or will it just end up with my laughter? 

When will I get to swim the seas? 
Like the prettiest Ariel you'll ever see 
When will I lose my glass slipper 
or will my dreams forever shatter? 

When will I fall in love with a thief 
Or is it just a mythical belief? 
When will I kiss my frog prince
I've always wanted this since

When will I grow hair as long as a river that never ends
or will my prince and I just end up as friends? 
When will I fall in love with a beast 
or will it end up with me as the feast? 

When will I get to ride a flying carpet
Huh, will I even get to see it? 
When will I get to fall into a deep sleep? 
When will the magic start to seep? 

That was years ago, when I was still young 
Now I'm not innocent, I've experienced everything
The smoke in the air has filled up my lungs
I am now matured and scared of something

I know that my heart will always be broken
Now I am scared, now I am shaken
Never will I be a princess
Even if I wore my dresses

Because being a princess is only in movies
It's a huge lie, a horrible story 
I'll never get my happily ever after 
And I'll end it with my broken laughter
made this weeks back so yeah :)
  Sep 2015 Snowrose
There's something about dark mornings,
That make kissing so exquisite,
and how my hands reach for your curves,
Like you are air,
and my lungs are starved of it,
I can't wait to touch you,
Breathe life into your neck,
and watch your legs part,
Because you can't resist,
How much I love you
How much I need you,
Because you can't resist,
Being **Mine
  Sep 2015 Snowrose
We both fell in love
Looking at the stars above
Our love flew like doves
another haiku

— The End —