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In this small world
Everybody has his own world
#world #
i am
a confusing person.

i may
love things
that i hate;

i may
hate things
that i love.

i adore the sun setting
and i close my eyes
as the sun drapes itself
with dust and memories.

i despise the way
the sun rises
with false anticipation
for children chasing them,
desiring to touch
even a glint of gold
and sunlight.

but i try not to love
the way your crooked smile
makes everything look

i am afraid
that i will soon learn
to hate it.
please do not make me adore you.
this is how i have chosen to show my love for you
i wrote you a poem
i haven't written in so long
that spiders have claimed their home
at the crook of my right palm
i try not to pick a pen up
just so i won't disturb them
but this is how i have chosen to show my love for you
i want to write you a poem
although i have forgotten every stored metaphor
every beautiful way to say,
'you are like the sun on a rainy day'
and i can't seem to remember
all the comforting ways to say,
'i want to be there for you'
you see, this is how i have chosen to show my love for you
i will write you a poem
because i have never really been good
at saying the right thing at the right time
but somehow
i have discovered the Lost and Found
between my mouth and my hands
where the words i have lost on my lips
have been found on my fingertips
this is how i have chosen to show my love for you
i want to tell you
you don't have to be alone
and carrying heavy things is always easier
with someone else to help lift the weight
don't you think that the world is too heavy
to be carried all on your own shoulders?
let me help
for it is how i have chosen to show my love for you
because for a while i have thought
that i had nothing left in me
but maybe i still have little pieces left
and i will find them
so you can borrow them
just until you find yours too
i hope you see
that this is how i have chosen to show my love for you
because for the longest time
i have been afraid to write
but this is how i have chosen to show my love for you
i wrote you a poem
dedicated to my dear friend, who is having a hard time right now. this is how i have chosen to show my love and support for you. :*
her body;

i refuse to compare it to another 60's                                      
                      ­                                   cliché.
she's not a movie, not a painting.
not a flower.
not a galaxy.

she's unique enough
to be called

because her body is made from the same matter clouds are made of.
mountains, oceans, fields cannot compare, to the pretty girl
with the curves
that could drown you
or make you

away, she is nicotine,
she is the balloon that guided my dreams
she leaves and i do too
wherever she goes i will follow.
a quest to look for the very strengh that belongs in the core of her eyes.

if she could only see
the way she looks to me.
you are valid, you are beautiful, you are deserving of love and appreciation.
when the world moves past you
in a gust of uncertainty and fear
I would prefer to stay in solitude
rather than bring anyone near

ironic it seems, against my own advice
since I’d always tell others to not keep it inside
but I refuse to share the burdens of my mind
I’ll just remain in my solitude,
because here I have nothing to hide.
I am okay with being alone.
I am defined
By the blood
And tears I've shed,

I was formed
By the pieces
That were put together,

I am not whole
Not who I was
Not what I want
But what I got,

I was made
Not made from clay
And a hand,
But from flesh
And a knife

Who I am isn't due to love
Who I am was caused by fear
But that doesn't make me less
It makes me more,
I should remember that
I came from pain
And have made it far.
I've been ******* myself. Thinking about what I'm not and what I should be rather then what I am and what I have done. I have been forgetting all I have accomplished and that I have done so much and it's been making me feel hopeless of doing anything meaningful;
One step forward,
two steps back.
Every day brings
another setback,
another backtrack,
another reminder
of the things I lack.
My mind never quiets,
I can't take the feedback.
An eternal panic attack,
I should double the Prozac,
it's making a comeback.
One step forward,
two steps back.
i feel heavy
   and old.
i feel

young ones
make me
and smile
with their
their curiosity

but i quickly
grow grim
because i know
they will be
like me.

right aligned.
attuned to the desperate
march of the masses
full of hope
and then
withered to

try to be independent
get your education
and your loans
get married
get divorced
get a job
get laid off
lose your health insurance
try to hold your head high
try not to cry
don't run out of gas
learn to put air in your tires
get used to silence
get used to disappointment
learn to command your voice

don't look back
I hate the way I wanted to be with you more than you’ll ever be.
I hate the way I talk about you more than you’ll speak of me.
I hate the way I’ve always thought of you when I never crossed at yours
I hate the way I sacrifice things without your appreciation.
I hate the way you talk to me when I cry in pain.
I hate the way you walked out on me when everything’s messed up.
I hate the way you get mad more than I should be.
I hate the way you can’t fight for me and just apologize for what I am.
I hate the way you make me feel bad of loving you more than I should have.
I hate the way I still love you more than the pain I never thought I could bear.
I hate the way I feel that I love you more than you’ll ever be.
I hate the way I feel.
I hate the way I feel selfish and selfless at the same time.
I hate the way I prioritize you more than anyone else.
I hate you but I hate myself more for not hating you as much as I love you.
It will never be the same.
‘Cause there is no amount that would be greater than the love I have for you.
I hate myself more than you’ve ever love me.
Absence doesn't always make the heart grow fonder
Sometimes it makes it forget
And what doesn't **** you doesn't always make you stronger
Sometimes it tears you apart with regret
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