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Emma Feb 2017
Black is the color beyond all colors.
Black is the void,
The void of my heart,
The void of my soul.
Black is the feeling of everything;
Black is the feeling of nothing.
The smell of death is the color black.
When you feel overloaded with emotion,
Yet, you feel no emotion at all...
That is black. Oh so very black.
Fear is black when it clothes you mind;
You can't even think as it overcomes you.
Black is not intensity, but intensity itself.
Black is what controls us all;
Black is the feeling of being controlled.
Black is the color of shadows,
Shadows of a moonless night.
Black is what makes us shiver without the wind.
Black is the only thing that won't leave us in the end.
Written June 2016
Emma Aug 2016
Oh, my dearest brother,
What have you done?
You left me standing here,
With this loaded gun.
You didn't leave forever,
But just long enough
For me to cause some trouble,
with this very gun.
So now that you've returned
Look at the work I've done.
Do you like the pretty colors,
All these shades of blood?
But, can you tell who is dying,
And prove not to be banal?
Well, of course you can...
You know me best of all.
Emma Sep 2016
As soon as I sat down,
I was asked what was wrong.
Out of everyone who knows me best,
None of them said a word.
As soon as another joined,
They too were worried.
These people recently acquainted
Knew instantly I wasn't okay.
Then the next arrived,
Looked at me with concern.
I insisted I was fine,
While my mind was in protest.
None of them gave up,
But still was mainly comforting.
Many I've loved have brought me to tears,
But these can see the tears unshed.
Thank you, I love you.
But once you know the truth,
Will you all still love me?
I really hope you do.
This is about the people i sit with at lunch. I really love this school year so far because I've made so many great friends. I had a really rough night, then the next day, my supposed best friends didn't notice notice anything was wrong; when I got to lunch and saw these people who have only seen 25 minutes out of each 9 whole days, realized as soon as i sat down something was up with me. It actually made me really happy, but inevitably more sad at the same time. I really am thankful for them though, I don't think I would've made it that day without them.
Emma Sep 2018
You were there, but there you weren’t,
There in the mess of my mind.
My dreams look sweet, but that’s simply deceit;
Dreams are where terrors hide.
I saw you once. No, twice! No, thrice!
But you vanished into the unknown.
Play nice with my demons, but please don’t feed them.
Oh my, how we’ve grown!
We’ve grown together and grown apart;
You had my all, then lost my heart.
It’s okay! It’s all fine! Just like it was that one night.
Now my head is spinning and my stomach’s in a knot;
the truth it makes me sick, but I’ll smile through the pain.
Have a wonderful life my dear. Think of me from time to time.
Take life like a shot of tequila: with some salt and a lime!
Thought stream: nothing flows :( my mind is chaos
Emma Feb 2017
A small clearing surrounded by trees,
Everything is bright and vibrant.
A crisp breeze blowing,
Swaying the grass.

The ground is covered by rocks
Of various shapes, colors, and sizes.
Bladed grass and ivy-like plants
Growing in the cracks of the stones.

A small white butterfly fluttering about,
So full of beauty and life:
Like the sweet-smelling flowers,
So simple with a fragrance of purity.

A soft breeze blows rustling the leaves,
Seeming to shush the world.
All is still, obeying the command,
And all around is at peace.
Written June 2016
Emma Feb 2017
Metallic glint.
Relaxing Sting.
Good night...
Written June 2016
Emma Feb 2017
Midday smilies?
Midnight tears.
Accepted lies.
Written 2016
Emma Feb 2017
She said  goodbye, he broke inside.
Written June 2016
Emma Feb 2017
"He won't touch you ever again."
Written February 2017
Emma Sep 2016
My Dearest Mistake,

       Oh how it hurts to hear your name,
To think it will never be the same.
       Your mother says you love me so,
But I will just never know.
       I cared for you and you told me the like,
But I was scared and took flight.
       I was unsure and you kissed my wounds.
But I never felt safe apart from you.
       You told me you loved me.
I felt it was true.
       I couldn't trust myself,
So I didn't trust you.
      I call us a mistake and all of myself,
For you were perfect and I ruined that.
      I broke your heart,
And you still tried for me.
      I turned cold so you would leave,
And now you won't come near me.
      I still care I always have.
I'm just not good at showing soft emotions,
      Where you can't be firm.
I miss my friend most of all,
       For you know more than most...
I need someone now when I'm at my worst.

I love you, My Mistake, please find your way back to me.
Your First Heart Break
Emma Sep 2016
My Drunk Buddy,

Do you remember when we first made that pact?
I was at my uncle's, you were back at home.
It was around 1am I believe,
When you and I became our own.
I will keep you out of trouble,
You will keep me in my pants,
We'll even take turns being sober.
To have someone to stop us,
When we're smashed
That night/morning I knew I loved you,
And I know you realized you love me too.
I trusted you, you became my best friend.
You trusted me with no end.
I felt it wrong when you didn't tell me,
How you and she broke up.
I knew then we had problems,
But I didn't know to what end.
You had made a promise to me
So I could ensure you would be happy.
You broke that promise along with my trust.
My heart in pieces, and your head in your hands,
You knew you ******* up and I don't care.
I'm way too stressed with out this,
But I am broken so don't come around.
I will still love you always,
I just can't see you right now;
But if you need me I'll be here.
I really miss you, I do,
But I can no longer trust you.

Your Unforgiving Best Friend

— The End —