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Ariana Mar 22
So many I've written about
Many more to see

So little written about me
Much more I'd rather be

So many I've thought about
All the differences I see
Ariana Mar 22
And met my eyes
Is there something to see?
Something on my face?
Ariana Mar 21
Never has white paint seemed so grey to my eyes.
Ariana Mar 21
Why argue about the amount of space between the lines
When we should be questioning the lines
The crosses of the t's
The dots of the i's
the letters
the words
Ariana Mar 19
Why document my life
Day by day?

To see just how stupid I thought I'd stay.
Holding myself accountable.
Ariana Mar 19
**** the world and all its depravity.
Depravity - moral corruption; wickedness
Ariana Mar 17
For the first time in a long time,
I looked in the mirror.

I didn't know who I was,
but the image couldn't be clearer.
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