Here, I perish alone in the darkest hours of the night
Forsaken by the very faces I have come to aid.
And suffer alone I shall,
Til life release me,
Til death take me.
Solitude, my only friend.
Violence, my only family.

George Salazar Apr 21

And I'll run my fingers through your hair.
Your lips your skin,
Everything else in between.
Nothing will come between you and I
And the night will have bled itself dry
But I wont be anywhere near done.
And I promise you'll have so much more than youre willing to get
For yourself,
Only I havent met you yet.
Come not near where the sun hides its face.
The lonely wolf sleeps.

George Salazar Apr 18

I depart from spread thighs
And I feel her sweat cling to my body before I go.
I reek of sex and cheap cigarettes.
And my fingers smell like wet cunt.
It matters not anyway.
On my way home I think about doing this again the next week
And the week after that.
Again and again
Til all of god's angels have fallen from grace.
Let all who thirst cometh to me and drink.
Feel me down your throat.

George Salazar Apr 16

I wade into the sea of flesh
That is you.
My fingers like rain,
Your skin like the parched earth.
Longing for the great flood
That killed Noah's brothers
Sisters and mothers all.
This bedroom will be your Golgotha
And baby
This is the part where I nail you.

Happy easter
George Salazar Apr 13

And in dreams I cant help but wonder
Does your subconscious mind
Yearn for me too?
Does it miss
The sadness welled deep within me
Does it miss
My rage and the fires of my passion
Does it miss
My madness
My greed
My pure unhindered love.
I miss you.
Come home.

George Salazar Apr 12

I wander this side of the road
Completely cut loose from the world
And the people in it
And the experiences they bring.
The moon isnt beautiful, its just a floating rock in space.
And writers like you and me,
I think we are wrong about romance.
An ex girlfriend sends me a text message, eight forty-five pm.

I stare deep into her pretty brown eye as I pin her arm on the bed.
I feel her breath across my face.
The sunlight stings my skin.
I start from the wrist
Worked my way to her armpits.
Fingered her clit before I stuck my fingers in her cunt, palms up.
Watch me o, almighty creator in the heavens.
This is how I'll fuck your creature.

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