There it is now, a small sliver of blue light squeezing in through the window.
It bounces off the mirror and gives the bathroom a faint dark blue glow like some bruise in the darkness.
I have been staring into the dark for too long
Listening to cars that pass
And the unending howling of dogs.
There are chains on my heels
And I feel their weight as I toss and turn
And mess up my bed more.
An ambulance wails on a distance
I mistook it for a saxophone.

George Salazar Dec 2017

I have been thinking,
While browsing my share of art online,
About the amount of time humans spend wasting away particularly in traffic.
Deathly still like mice in traps, with their locked jaws and four mile stares.
Slowly breathing
And equally
Slowly dying.

George Salazar Nov 2017

I flick the lighter open.
The flame goes off on the wrong direction
And burns my thumb.
On one of these mornings you’ll be gone.
And that will be the end.
I remember the times
And the lazy afternoons
The maddening late nights
And my second tattoo.
All of these memories
Not enough to keep you with me.
I flick my lighter open
The flame goes off at the wrong direction
And burns my thumb.
I do not
Feel anything.

George Salazar Nov 2017

A mosquito has been visiting me for three straight nights now.
It lands across my face one moment
And flies off the next.
The visit begins at twelve midnight and usually ends at three am.
Tonight during its visit, my brother knocks at the door and asks me if Ive got any cigarettes.
I open the light and tell him
Its 1:36 am.
There is no mosquito in my room.

George Salazar Nov 2017

My brother came home
From Marawi today.
He had a bald spot on his head
And he says he’s gonna cut his hair the next morning.
Sixteen of his friends died he says
And that he has killed five men.
He says he feels like he should have killed eleven more
To even it out.
It doesnt feel like home he says to me. Says he doesnt belong here anymore.
I used to hate my brother.
I like him better now.

  Nov 2017 George Salazar

There was once a man
Who looked at the moon and asked
"Is there anything I could ask,
that you can answer?"
There was no reply,
as expected.

The next morning, there was a dog.
The man crouched down
in front of the dog and asked
"What are you up to today?"
The dog walked past,
as expected.

In the afternoon, there was a girl.
She was sitting on a bench in the park.
The man sat beside her and asked
"Are you waiting for someone?"
She kept gazing at the sunset,
as expected.

Night falls in a pub in the city.
There's a drunken man, had many bottles.
The man approached him and asked
"Is something the matter?"
The man finally collapsed after too much drinks,
as expected.

Lastly, in a room there are antiques.
One is a mirror in an intricate frame.
The man looked at the mirror and asked
"How do you feel today?"
There was no reflection,
as expected.

George Salazar Nov 2017

In time, when your branches reach the touch of sky,
Your roots would already have
Dug its way to hell.
Step lightly.
It only takes one fall.

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