I button up my jeans
Tucked in my shirt
And looked at you one last time.
Before I go
I take a good look at the room
And how much we've fucked it up.
You're probably gonna clean up afterwards.
You always do.
And I'll miss the way you taste
And I'll miss the way you dance
And I'll spiral down into unending darkness tonight
With your eyes on my mind.
And the rest is silence.

She smokes as she looks out the window sill.
I follow closely behind her.
We look at the sunset
And the streets
And the cars that pass
And the noisy train
And watched the whole damned world get ahead of us.
With my hands on her thighs
We stood completely still.
Time stood
Completely still.

Thats her ride home.
She turns away from me,
The scent of her hair left breathing in the wind.
I look at her face one more time
Before the bus spits smoke in my eyes.

She goes.

The bus plunges straight towards the chaos of the city.
So quietly I utter the words,
I have been afraid to say:

Im in love again.

I have gazed upon the void at the center of all man
An empty hole in the chest
That can never be filled.
And all that we have in the palm of our hands
We coveted in the name of greed.
Such is the curse of mankind
Forever doomed to a life of unrest
Afraid of the unkown that awaits.
In the middle of this chaos
We weep and dance.

Oftentimes I am convinced
That what beats inside
This chest of mine
Might not be heart.
A cacophony
I feel it at the back of my head.
It lies in wait.
Its there.
Its me.

She lies to her mother about me.
A passing train drowns me in its noise.
I make her sweat from every hole.
Her hair and the whole unit
Reeks of cigarettes.
Sunlight shines down upon us
Glaring at the sex.
Glaring at our sins.
Her phone rings.
Its her mother.
Asks her to go home,
And she lies to her about me.

The catch
With people like me
Is that our strangeness
Forces us to remain as
To everyone around us.

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