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Sky Sep 2018
Theres a vacant,
emptiness within me.

          It’s so dark.
         Please help me.
Sky Sep 2018
You wanted someone to love you,
but the second that I did,
it wasn’t enough for you.
Sky Sep 2018
I fell in love with a girl
whose blue eyes were like swimming pools.
Her hair was as soft as my favorite
childhood blanket.
Her kisses were what
I looked forward to every single day.
And her smile could brighten
anyone on their darkest days.
I loved her more than anything
and she loved me.
But one day,
all of that changed.
Every time I looked into her eyes
I was terrified of drowning slowly.
Her hair no longer began
to fill me with comfort
but brought me static
from memories past.
She began to kiss me
because she felt like she had to.
Her smiles began to fade
and I felt like I was
bringing her great pain.
The ‘I love you’s’
were no longer meaningful
but instead, they were
said out of habit.
What changed?
When was it decided we weren't meant to be together forever?

— The End —