Skyla May 14
There comes a time in everyone's life where they must make a decision

Life, or death.

Many pick the latter, most don't.

How I envy the people who have such strength. To continue on without question.

Let me ask, if I may.

If everything seemed to go wrong, and the pressure to be okay continued to push further and harder, would you eventually break?

Your legs aren't strong enough to carry the weight.

And yet you do it anyway.

But for what?

Excuse my ignorance, if you could.

I'm just dying to get what keeps you living.
Skyla May 14
Skyla Apr 18
The ink drips off my pen
so much to say, too much to say
Will I ever get my words out?
She's watching me
Watching my pen dance across the page
if only she knew
these hatred filled lines,
they're all about you.
Skyla Apr 18
I wrapped my arms around her for the last time.
If  I had known the events that would take place as I worked,
I would never have let her go.
But I did

That night seemed normal, so normal.
The smell of the coffee I brewed smelt delightful,
although I was almost certainly allergic.
The smells around made me hungry,
as if I were starved to the bone.

Glancing at the clock, I noticed a hard three more hours of work.
I was almost free, just hang in there.
When would my break be?
Gosh, I was hungry.

That's when she showed up,
the police officer.

There had been a family emergency,
my head began to spin.
I had to go with her for questioning,
the tears fell without warning.

My thoughts roared,
my brother was in the back seat.
Where were we going?

The accusations, not against me,
but the person I trusted with my soul.
What would become of us now,
four unwanted children.

My father arrived hours later.

Stripped of everything I thought I knew,
drained of any colour in my face.
We left.

Everyone offered support,
but it sounded like murmers with my drowning ears.
I had nobody, I was nobody.

The month after that was easy,
my feelings left two days after.
My being became numb,
my soul committed suicide.

All I was left with, was an empty carcass.
A soulless husk wandering through the halls.
Would I ever feel the same?
I wouldn't know.

The walking dead are real.
They're everywhere.

You don't see them, usually.
They're the happiest.

They're able to make jokes, to smile while hurting.
It's no superpower, they've simply died.

Soul crushed,
Brain damaged,

That's us,
that's me.

The living
Skyla Apr 18
I am but a puppet in someone's master plan
It's been this way since the start
May it be God or another,
I am not in control

Every move I make,
nothing matters

Especially today.

The end of the world, some say
The day missing you seems inevitable
Once a year, I wish you were here
The rest of the days you're forgotten

I wish it weren't so,
but life moves so fast..

I'm sorry, so sorry.

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

The only one who has ever been there

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

Why now, it hardly seems fair

I miss you
I miss you

Where have you gone

I miss you

I wish I could see you, mom.

— The End —