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Skye Rhiannon Oct 2014
You're not even gone
But I miss you so much.

Only countable days away
But I can't help it.. I feel so blue.

I think this time is the hardest
Even still I act the strongest.

The distance is far
And the time away is long.

I will feel helpless
Knowing I am away from you.
Skye Rhiannon Sep 2014
I never knew how much a being can love,
So much that everything is possible,
And yet..
Impossible.. Like atoms,
And the difference when they are seen and unseen,
I have not yet explored what all is to come with our love,
So I feel the same as those little particles that make up our world,
We have that unseen and seen type of connection,
I hope you understand. :)
Inspired by Down the Rabbit Hole pt 1
Skye Rhiannon Aug 2014
My dear loved one,
With eyes so gentle and just a kiss,
I feel as if we belong...
It feels like pure bliss,
I listen to your heart frequently
It's beat is so strong,
It's rhythm synchronizes with mine,
Our hearts make a beautiful song,
You are constantly on my mind,
You are my dream come true,
Our love just grows and grows,
Soon it's just going to be me and you,
Starting our story together,
What happens in the future or past,
No one else but us will know.
Skye Rhiannon Mar 2014
You stole my umbrella,
You danced and laughed at me,
I tried to clean and you decided to investigate the bags,
You are such a little thief,
You are so mischievious,
You pick on me and hide from me,
Sometimes you get so hyper that you run into the wall,
You're such a goof ball,
I can only sit you still with peanut butter,
You play until you just cant play anymore,
You look so sweet when asleep,
But wake you up and you just want to run and hide things,
You make me laugh,
I love you little guy!
Skye Rhiannon Feb 2014
Love is a lie,
Or so they say,
My love is true,
And his is too!

"Life is like a box of chocolates,
You never know what you're gonna get."
I chose the most appealing piece,
The sweetest and the warmest.

I give you my world,
I show you my life,
I share with you my comfort,
I will soon be your wife.
Skye Rhiannon Feb 2014
I have to go,
I just need to think about things,
With much silence and sadness,
My first thoughts...
Maybe I just got abandoned,
I could just be selfish maybe,
I just need to be with my home,
It seems like it doesn't want to see me,
No matter how welcoming and warm it seems,
Is it really going to do this to me?
I wish for just one thing,
A perfect home,
Which might be why we fumbled yesterday,
I'm looking for what i already have,
But isn't with me at the moment.
I just want to be home.
Skye Rhiannon Jan 2014
I lye awake at night,
Sometimes listening,
Othertimes i'm seeking,
Looking for any clues,
Maybe finding some ghosts,
Past, Present, Future...
What is time?
Why does it go by?
Why does it stand still?
Am I living in the Past?
Or Future?
I would like to say i'm living with time,
Where ever time goes..
I go!
I wish I knew your thoughts.
I could comfort the bad ones,
I could persuade the good ones,
I want to be your dream catcher,
Send all your bad dreams to me,
I will send my good dreams to you,
My love, you are the most important person to me,
I will lye awake,
Time ticks by,
Soon I will be by his side!
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