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Idk Sep 24
but honey hurts my teeth
beloved of cavities

and i am alone
please won't you come for me?
Idk Sep 18
i've left all my letters in a pile on the floor

i'm praying to a god who's never answered me before

i'm re reading the messages, i'm digging through my phone

maybe if i'd stayed abused then i'd be less alone
that funny feeling
Idk Sep 15
I asked my grandparents to pray for me last night

I've never felt religious before
Idk Sep 15
Maybe I wasn't here to make something wonderful

Maybe I will just inspire it before I lose my already slipping grasp

I dipped my toe into religion

Maybe this'll give me a little longer to last
I have health problems and they're bad lol

That's what child abuse does ig
Idk Sep 8
put in your all
is something i am afraid to do
i am afraid of losing pieces of myself in you

i am more afraid, however,
that i will be wrong
is it possible that i can keep up a character this long?
love hate relationship with the entertainment industry lol
Idk Sep 7
i am afraid that everything i ever do will
come across as goodbye,
when the world finally catches up to me
Idk Sep 7
i found an old journal from when i was a kid

all of the pictures of my dad were an angry face

and all of the pictures of my mom were her ignoring us

i did not have a good day
:D I am doignggggg great
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