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Savonte Nov 8
If I had words to soothe your pain

To make sunlight out of the rain

I’d write them, speak them so you receive

The remedy that you beseech

But words- it can be hard to know

Which of them can make gone our woes

And fumbling can make things worse

Sometimes silence is the best nurse

A listening ear and a still tongue

A loving presence to count on

But humans are complex and so

It helps to ask “How can I help?”

To meet others beyond ourselves

Letting them feel more heard and feel seen

When life seems like an awful dream
Savonte Oct 18
Life is boring, dull, and bleak
And I just want to go to sleep
The TV flickers
The room is grey
I cannot pray this pain away

Life’s full of joy
That I don’t know
It’s out of reach
My sorrow grows

I grieve the me
That was once warm
Not six feet under
Worn and torn

I’d seize the day
But it is night
Forever night
I thirst for light
Savonte Jul 30
When my body is hungry, I will eat
When my body is sleepy, I will sleep
When my body wants to dance, I will wiggle and shimmy and sway
When my body wants to use the restroom while I’m stuck in traffic, all the cars had best move out my way
When my body wants love, I’ll wrap my arms around my chest
And when my body is unsure, I will do my best
Savonte Jul 22
Am I going to die
For trusting in guys
And have the nerve
To act surprised
When everyone warned me
To be wary
To internalize that men are scary?
Savonte May 23
Artemis, save me from his kiss
Tuck my heart deeply into devotion for thee
May I walk with the wolves and howl with glee
May I from yearnings of romance be free
May flowers bloom underneath my feet
And the honeysuckles taste forever sweet
May the nymphs bring me herbs to forget
Those longings that threaten eternal regret
And if too much to ask is this request
Bring upon me an arrow
So I may rest.
Savonte May 10
Charters of souls
Souls uncharted
We devote ourselves
Become besotted
We erase ourselves
It makes us proud
We are loved by many crowds

Wood nymphs who don’t eat or sleep
Dying alone in caves that run deep
We hunt for love in giving sound to the hushed
And if we're loved back, what a rush!
But who are we if we’re unknown
And are we loved if on our own?
Would love still be if of ourselves
We gave less
If we were honest and said
We too need rest?

We tell others they may hunger and feast
But we don’t invite ourselves to the table
Because that’s not how invitations work,
We learned

If breaking rules means we’ll displease
Then we simply are unable
We struggle with accepting love
Unless we think it has been earned.
Savonte Apr 23
Purple clouds in a peach-lit sky
Flowers along gravelly roads' sides
I'm sipping sweet tea as I drive
Thankful for evening scenic rides
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