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chang cosido Nov 22
in storybook endings ,
the princesses
found their princes.
The valiant heroes
chases away all the dragons.
The lost would find
their way home.
And people would find
what they've lost.
But then, whatever happened
to those who fell in love
with the dragons instead?
The damsels,
who became too comfortable
with their own distress?
still mad at disney
chang cosido Nov 15
in one of my dreams,
I was a witch.
burning .
at the stakes.
prodded by pitchforks.
stabbed with daggers
behind my back.
the talking was loud.
their hateful eyes were louder.
then i woke up
realizing the thin line
between dreams
and consciousness.
it almost made no difference.
ive seen those eyes somewhere.
of those who want to
burn me at the stakes ;
stab me with daggers
behind my back.
always been wanting to
darling, I am a witch
you could not burn.
chang cosido Nov 13
my hands are full
and my fingers are breaking
for counting my sins
and all of my flaws.
so i apologize
if couldnt hold myself together.
chang cosido Nov 7
I should stop this fruitless job
‎of keeping obsolete little things
‎that never did
‎anything good for me.
‎Maybe i should start
‎by unfolding old unsent letters
‎bare from the enthusiasm i used to
‎envelope them in.
‎Then, i'll throw away pretty glass bottles,
emptied by their contents
‎of sweet perfumes and wild dreams.
‎Pick up plastic beads ,
‎loose from the strings tied
by friendships
‎i used to wrap around my wrists.
‎I should discard useless trinkets,
‎cute nothings and dead mementos.
‎Declutter and make room-
‎for other things ,
‎like self-appreciation,
‎maybe a pen
‎ or two.
chang cosido Oct 27
there are days
i only feel like a burden.
someone who fills backseats
so that someone could be at the front.
and the weight of my own bones
are too heavy for a family name to carry.
heavy enough to crush a sorry girl.
my breaths are sometimes apologies
people refuse to hear.
im sorry if i am this way.
i wish i could be something more.
chang cosido Oct 13
you promised me
that if i stared at the moon
long enough
i would find myself the face of a man.
but i know all the faces
the moon wears,
and the spectacle of stars
that sparkle on her hair.
Tonight,it's just this one.
an honest expression.
there's no meaning tonight,
only truth -only hurt.
Tonight, there's only this city
under a shattered moon.
Tonight, im crying myself to sleep again.
chang cosido Oct 7
a lot could happen
in the months within a year.
and a lot could happen
in the weeks within a month.
a lot could still happen
in the days within a week.
and lot could happen
in the hours within a day.
if a lot could happen
in the minutes within an hour,
then maybe a lot could still happen
in the seconds within a minute.
if maybe within the gaps
between those seconds
you could still find time
to think about me again,
maybe a second is all
that i could ever need.
A second could be enough.
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