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272 · Sep 24
The tunnel
Saga Sep 24
The echo of footsteps in a concrete tunnel.
At the end there’s a yellow light.
Flies swarming to the yellow light, bright.

But in here it’s dark, dark and humid.
The humidity of her breath forming clouds over her head.
In the end of the tunnel you can see the clouds with your eyes but in here all she can see are eyes.
Eyes watching, she’s watching them.

In the end of the tunnel there’s only a smile.
A smile piercing and cutting.
There are others there but they are blind.
Blinded zombies staring at the concrete wall.

They’re alone in the crowd, her and the smile.
She turns back through the concrete tunnel.
107 · Sep 24
Saga Sep 24
A wicked presence lurking in the darkness
don’t look back, you’ll turn to stone

Fangs disguised as a smile
A look that brings chills to your bone

A fire is burning within you
Your body unable to move

He offers you wine you take it
The last thing that you’ll ever do

You wade through a sea of thorned roses
They rip you, they tear but you simply don’t care

You sink through the earth, and into a dream
No not a dream, it’s a nightmare

Now this is the part where you cease to be you
You become but a shadow a shell

for the demon has claimed what he though to be his
I fear he will take me as well

— The End —