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Noma Osburn Sep 16
Quote: Don't Let The Child Within You Die.

What is fantasy?
What I dream?
My imagination
Soaring on butterfly wings
Making believe,
I’m small as an ant
or as tall as a tree
A tiger with sharp teeth
Growling at
whoever I meet

A beautiful fairy
With magic dust
A gnome with feet all hairy
A song bird
Who sings only for me
A rabbit who smokes a pipe
An owl who gives advice
A handsome prince
In love with me
Sugar n spice

What is fantasy?
A rainbow with gold
Riding on fluffy clouds
Never growing old
Raindrops of sweet tea
Landing on
outstretched tongue
a yellow brick road
as far as the eye can see

my inner child,
a song needed sung
quote is prompt
Noma Osburn Sep 16
Enlightenment came into the world
with Jesus from above
His teachings brought understanding
His purpose to teach love

But man loves the darkness
In the darkness he can hide
His lust and hunger for the flesh
sins molded into shame abides

He shows his fear of exposure
Of who he really is
It breaks his composure
which light doesn’t miss

So step from the darkness into light
Do not tremble afraid of smite
For he sees your troubled heart
No matter what you do

For he has the power to forgive
And wash away sins too
So in the light man can live
No matter the dark
No matter who
Noma Osburn Sep 16
They looked across the room
Catching each other’s gaze
It held them paralyzed
And rooted to their place

The fought the urge to move
Toward each other’s arms
It pulled them like a magnet
To sample each other’s charms

But they fought the feelings
Washing all over them
They could not weaken
And to it give in

Time stopped and floated
As the living around them
Kept flowing unaware of
Their unspoken sin

Eyes saw deep and wide
Into each other’s soul
Swimming in the love
They felt but controlled
Has this ever happened to anyone before?

— The End —