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Sister Carnalis Sep 2020
Forbidden fruit makes the sweetest salad ... Thats what daddy use to say. Just before he touched me in his special way.
    His trembling hand upon my trousers he gently touched my thigh,
   I led him slowly upward and looked him in the eye... Touch my ***** daddy, you need not be so shy, not a single soul is watching
She smells like rain on a warm summers day and she tastes like blackberries freshly picked off the bush.
When she laughs, it makes the humming birds sound like nails on a chalkboard and i know how cliche this all sounds but she walks like an angel and i cant help but notice her defined collarbones
She makes me want to write about butterfly's and flowers instead of cut wrists and veins.
I tell her I love her. She replies with a kiss never confessing her love but I say it anyways because her smile creates this feeling in me I haven't felt since childhood and she needs to know she is loved. when I feel her bones on my hips I cringe she's so thin.
This disorder, it's gotten hold of her. Bruised knuckles-never confessing the reason she shakes
Anorexia and bulimia-I know this disease too well. It's chronic, it's an illness, it's a suicide attempt. She doesn't know it's killing her-she refuses to accept that she has it. But at night- I can barley see a lump when she's underneath the covers.
When she dies,  her coffin will be so light people will check to make sure there's a body in it.
Her bones are sharp-like scissors. And I wonder, does she use them to cut? Do they tear her skin open? Is her elbow used to fresh air?
I hold her hands. They're so cold. How can a person live like this? If I could, I would force her to eat.
She hates the mirror. If I could, I would make her see a beautiful person looking back.
  Jun 2017 Sister Carnalis
Cera Wood
I'm taking
You're giving
You're my solitude
For living

You are my peace
When i'm at war
You're my love
The one I adore

You're the color
In my face
You're the blood
That runs through my veins

I never thought
I'd be blessed
But only the good
Get the best.
  Jun 2017 Sister Carnalis
Yes, sir, I want you to spank me
With that hand I know so well
It is more than just five fingers
It’s the reason I rebel

Yes, sir, I want you to clank me
In bonds of silver and gold
Chained, I’m a precious gift to you
Unwrapping me never gets old

Yes, sir, I want you to yank me
Down on the floor to my knees
My gaze lowers at your command
I’m eager to do as you please

Yes, sir, I want you to flank me
Punish me from every side
I know I’ve been a naughty girl
Needing discipline you’ll provide

Yes, sir, I want you to crank me
Up to writhing ecstasy
Don’t stop ‘til I ******* beg you
Your tough love is what sets me free

Yes, sir, I want you to thank me
For being your precious pet
Even though I disobey you
It’s clear you love to see me sweat

Yes, sir, I want you to spank me
With the implement of your choice
Make it hurt to make me happy
In your dominance I rejoice
Sister Carnalis Aug 2015
alone .
strong, wise, driven, loyal.
He has lived and loved,
and chosen to be alone until something better comes along.
something better than physical love.

He found what he was looking for.
Her soul was vibrant and beautiful;
a goddess muse.
She kissed him and knew it not;
her naked words and firm young flesh of substance splashed bravely across the page excited him...
his wealth of wisdom and experience mocked him for falling in love with a soul ...

the old man had a need to feed,
she was a hungry young goddess needing to be fed.
Where is her champion? Who cares for this young sprite?
He reminded himself again that it was only her soul,
but still, he touched himself... saying her name to make it a little more real, "Chloe," he whispered.
Then he listened ... just in case.
Sister Carnalis Aug 2015
We lay on the same bed that night and I couldn't sleep,
I felt that smoldering desire again ...
The one I can't control ...
or tell people about.

I like to violate the fragile abyss of taboo.
I didn't intend to do it, I really didn't... but fragile it was.
And as soon as my fingers touched it's hardness
magic began to tingle through my body.

I felt every ridge and dent,
I caressed the fullness of it's shaft,
and wanted to claim it as mine,
but it belongs to my brother...

I liked the feel of it in my hand ,
and one thing usually leads to another.
I kissed it's pink tip and caressed its length.
I whispered into the cacophonous dim ...

"Let me put you in my mouth ... "
and then I just did it.
It tasted nasty like earwax.
All the No.2's are the same ...
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