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I’m going to be honest
I never wanted to put down any piece of this nature again
But anytime I woke up,  I want to write about you
What could I possibly write when I am not much of a poet
And it  appears as if no metaphor could  satisfy my admiration for you.

And then,  I want to speak to you
Not only because I want to know how you are,
I also want to unzip my heart to you,
To tell you that you are the joy in a glasshouse, you are beautiful, magnificent and heavenly adorned and I yearn for you.
And then, I realized that my speech tract couldn’t  let out the words from my heart.

Sometimes I wonder why this is happening,
I know, I could talk like a parrot anytime I want to
But I got slides like a carrot when I hear the vibration in your voice.

I must have written some similar stuffs like this,  hoping that somehow  you’ll jump out of the page and feel exactly as I feel,but fortunately all I get is thanks.

You know, I also love chatting with you  but anytime you replied
It appears  as if we are like charges,  so we repel (I won't know what next to say).

The amazing thing is, as all these keeps happening
These feelings I have for you keep getting stronger despite the fact that it seems we are not so connected
But connection isn’t love,  you are naturally attracted to my soul.

Though I could not find a perfect explanation to this puzzle,
But I know from the deepest part of my heart that I love  you.
And this love is patient, it’s strong,  it’s not a deception but true, it’s not Haram but Halal
It’s hopeful and powerful, it’s not my choice but divine just as you, is an attraction and irresistible.

— The End —