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A silent drive,
s i l e n t,
lights blind me,
before darkness finds me,
no one in the passenger's seat,
not a soul in the back,
only things for company,
are the skeletons in my trunk,
on this long road trip,
we dreamed about,
it's a long,
long drive of despair.
That trip we always talked about.
I fell in love with her,
cause I got lost in her world,
that she creates with all of her words
and everything she writes,
so when I look into her eyes,
realize that she must be mine,
A future with her,
A future with more,
maybe house with three living there for free.
The life we envisioned
Will it weigh on your mind,
will it weigh on mine,
what happens when unfaithfulness goes unpunished,
it happens when you love from a distance,
couple that with time,
do feelings remain?
probably will fade,
you'll love another,
forget about me,
don't lie,
I've seen it happen,
multiple times.
It breeds uncertainty
An old mind,
from thinking,
tired eyes,
from crying,
a bleached heart,
from trying,
all the symptoms of a lover.
Been diagnosed with being a lovesick hopeless romantic.
What is it about sad poems,
or poems about love,
which are often melancholic,
that I love so much,
well for a non-alcoholic,
I need an escape,
cause I sin,
and I bleed,
and it's always my fault,
but when I'm writing,
my pen bleeds,
and these lines don't judge,
the page has no choice,
but to love me,
why would I come here when I'm happy,
no need to comfort someone with a smile.
Why I write
What did we talk about,
before you forget me I need to know,
know you want him though it's none of my,
concerned bout how you're doing,
I know you're more than ok and that,
hurt by the things that I told myself about,
you're the same girl I've always known but we're,
distant in the sense that I'm running out of topics to start a conversation with,
you and I used to flow,
where has our river gone?
Sometimes you think you've moved on.
The day I met you,
was the beginning,
of my endless dream about you,
where the taste of your lips,
is magical,
and your beauty,
the result of wonderful imagination,
is this a dream,
this is a dream,
or a nightmare,
since i still lose you in the end,
lose you once again.
Im back : )
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