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I am who I am
who I want to be.....And made explicit  

Yet I am judged
For who I am not.
Clearly my arrangements
Inspired none!
Your arguments presupposed where I  belong-
You said I was wrong!
After much cogitation, I think you're right-
I was wrong,
To have you in my heart where you don't belong
The velocity of change
Each leaf drops......the last prepares for the new beginning
U-Haul to another exciting life.

#Change #Positive #Survive #Exciting
The relentless effort to exhale
Emotions, with composed face,
That's me around you

Your presence alone
deprive me of the power of resistance
I Lose control, become irrational
That's me around you

Your flawless beauty, intoxicating my vision
Entertaining my every senses
Teasing the mere faculty to see beyond.
.........that's me around you.
Let's go.....What? Why? Huh?
You're someone I love.....
And wish to grow old together
Enjoy the sun and the harshest weather

I wanna be the one to heal and take your pain
When you are unhappy, I want to make you smile again
Be the court jester, be the clown
Take your frown turn it upside down

I am not addicted and you are not a drug.....
You just took my heart and I don't carry a spare!
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