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Sanya singh Feb 22
we were apart
for so many years

then why do
my eyes still fill with tears
Sanya singh Feb 20
She was strong she was beautiful
She was dark she was hell
Could have someone broke her spell?

Telling people she was fine
Telling people she didn’t cry
We don’t bother but can we try ?

Fighting with herself
Fighting with the world
Instead of tears it was flowing blood
Sanya singh Feb 1
King of sky , king of thunder , zeus was the king of gods
Sixth child of rhea and Cronus , doom of titans he was
Being hidden in the caves on Crete
Nymph became her mother
Clashing weapons by curates
hid his crying thunder.
the abandoned child who rose to power , made Cronus pay by taking over the titans and became the mighty legend of the Olympians.
Sanya singh Jan 29
Lips razor sharp
Smile more of a smirk
Sword as her best friend
She could take over the world

Goddess of war she was called
But she was a woman
For the times weren’t right
And for them it was all

Had she been here today
Everyone would’ve bowed
Because goddess of war she is
And this time it is all

The epitome of a woman
With bravery , beauty and brain
Curse they considered
As a Boon it will be remembered

They became raged
When Athena shone bright
For what they remember her
They did bow down in fright

Goddess of wisdom , goddess of war
Favourite daughter of Zeus she was
The most wisest , the most courageous
A favour of Hera’s ire it was

Welcome here Athena
For the world now craves you
An example of a true warrior
And an idol to look upto

Most ingenious of Olympian gods
Power ran in her blood
As for war she was born
And as for war she will die

Every girl is now Athena
That is what the world needs
Standing up to the wrong
B’cause that is what Athena means.

Just like everything
times should change
Throne was for Athena
And for her it shall remain.
inspired by the greek goddess of war. its a take on what effect she would've have on the people of 21st century.

— The End —