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his arms were like the reverse side of the pillow after a long winter day;

cold, lonely, yet somehow welcoming and extremely comforting.
She still sleeps in your clothes because they feel like home even when your arms are home to someone else now
If you're not willing to fight for her...let her go.

To fight like hell with her
To hurt and ache for her because you haven't seen her in a few days

If you're not down to order carry out at 2am because shes Hungry... Let her go.

If you can't promise to love her and all of her weaknesses

Promise to love her on her bad days
And good days
And everyday in between... Let her go.

If you aren't 100%'down for all of her and her flaws... You need to let her go.

If you can't let her flourish and be all that she can be and support that... There's no reason to be with her. If you love her, let her go. Let her go and be all that she can be..
Love is..

Love is you and me

Love is eating Olive Garden and Pizza Hut
Love is playing call of duty
Love is watching Netflix

Love is working on cars
Love is going to photo shoots
Love is taking each other lunch

Love is back rubs and cuddles
Love is piggy back rides and dancing

Love is fighting for each other
Love is fighting with each other
Love is disagreeing
Love is painful

Love is hard
Love is rewarding

Love is you and me

And love is worth the fight.
You'll fight and you'll argue
You'll scream and you'll yell

You'll smoke because you're mad
You'll cut because you're numb

He'll block you out of his life
Only to keep you safe

He'll be thinking of you every moment,
Knowing exactly where he was when you called.

He'll ignore your call because he's got nothing to say,
Being ignored just isn't your style

You'll blow up his phone
Only because you care

No one is there for him so you try to be

He won't let you in,
He doesn't know how

It's just not his style,
But it's completely yours.

You can't wallow in your problems
Because then they become scars.

He can't speak right away because his thoughts become reckless.

You deal with him and he deals with you

You love each other deeply but it just might not be enough

You fight and you fight to stay together

The love and feelings are there
The passion is there
So what could be missing?

Why can't you make it work..
three cuts and two smokes later the tears finally subside. She hates herself more and more for giving into the razor and the nicotine because the tears may be gone, but the feelings reside in her heard, head and mind for the rest of the night.

She smells of smoke and her skin burns from the blade, but the tears have subsided and her mind is a bit clear.

Her bad habits remain, but the tears subsided.
Idk I'm sad
He was quiet. Speaking only when necessary, but rarely at all.

He was talented and loving,
caring and funny.

Until his love slipped out of his hands.

Lost and lonely,
Sacred and sad,

He sat there, heartbroken and wondering
what could be next.

When the love was gone, talent prevailed;

showing his true colors and the feelings he had within.

He shared his thoughts with the world, and the world approved.

The music came from the soul, reaching all who could relate

to his devastating loss, yet had faith.

When he found himself again, he found the love he once lost.  This time in the form of a human, not just a dog.

Ah but that's just it- he was never "just a dog" he was man's best friend, hero and savior.

She'll never save him the way that dog did, but she can surely try.

Keeping his hopes and dreams alive,
she stood by his side,
never losing faith.

When he seems to stray, she pulls him in, only to watch him stray farther.  The silence tugs at her heartstrings because she's said it all, and it wasn't enough.

But what could she expect from a man so quiet, only his dog could understand?
writing this was very difficult because I know I'll never save him the way rascal did
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